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First Email from Amare:-

One of my elders sent me this caption .......I thought you would enjoy it......Don't worry, N.bure-Id! I am not going to get into the habit of sending you things like this. This one was just too topical to avoid.

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Response to the Second Email from Amare:-
Thank you for the email. I found its message, dubbed "too funny not to send", to imply deeper significance especially with regard to the deficient nature of literary works in general, and the sacred ones in particular.
The factor in question stands out as one of the main reasons why we, Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant, do not rely only on written Scriptures for the testimony of our Faith, but also and more so on THOSE INSCRIBED ON OUR HEARTS AND MINDS BY THE DIVINE CREATION AND THE HOLY SPIRIT (Jer. 31, 31-34) that render null and void every and all those that are found among the former to be incompatible with THE LATTER.

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The kingdom of God

Second Email from Amare:-
Enclosed please find a publication issued by Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, Saint John's University, US entitled: Researcher Identifies Second-Oldest Ethiopian Manuscript in Existence in HMML's Archives:
Ted Erho, a doctoral student at Durham University in England, recently spent six weeks at HMML studying Ge'ez (classical Ethiopic) manuscripts. HMML's microfilm and digital collections are the richest resource for the study of Ethiopian manuscripts in the world. Supported by one of HMML's Heckman scholarships, Erho made stunning discoveries for both Ethiopian and biblical studies during his time at HMML.
Working with previously-uncataloged manuscripts from HMML's Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library, Erho has identified the second oldest Ethiopic manuscript in existence (the oldest is the famous Abba Garima Gospels), which also contains the oldest known copies of books from the Old Testament. This manuscript, EMML 6977, dates prior to the Solomonic Era in Ethiopia, which began in 1270 CE and contains the books of Job and Daniel, as well as two homilies.
He also identified the oldest known major Ge'ez codex of the Old Testament (EMML 9001), which contains the entire Book of Jubilees, considered to be a canonical book by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Its presence in this manuscript is now the oldest known copy of the Book of Jubilees.
Finally, Mr. Erho is cataloging the biblical manuscripts from Gunda Gunde in northern Ethiopia, numbering more than fifty of the 220 manuscripts in the Gunda Gunde collection photographed in 2006 by Michael Gervers and Ewa Balicka-Witakowska in an expedition sponsored by HMML. All but one of the Old Testament manuscripts at Gunda Gunde are from the sixteenth century or before, exceptionally early for Ethiopian manuscripts.

Response to the Second Email from Amare:-
Primarily, this is to thank you for the information forwarded to me with regard to the discovery of the second oldest Ethiopian Manuscript.
Incidentally, I wish to let you know that the project of the microfilmed Ethiopic Manuscripts in question which now became the source of this and other discoveries was initiated and executed in collaboration with Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, Saint John's University, US and Ford Foundation during my tenure of office as the Administrator General of the Ethiopian Church. It is gratifying for me to receive such news of pertinent achievement.
Secondly, on behalf of my wife and my family and my self, I would like to take this opportunity to express special thanks to you and your wife in the Names of Our Lord God Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother The Virgin Mary for the Christmas Greeting's Card you mailed us recently. Now we reciprocate unto you both, not only heartily but also verbally, "Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!"
While extending to you such Greetings of the Holiday Season of your Nation, I find it appropriate to note to you the fact that we Ethiopians of the Holy Covenant celebrate our Christmas neither on the 29th nor on the 28th in Leap Year of the month of Tah'sas (December), as imposed by the Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox) Church upon the Ethiopian Church for centuries on end, but on the First Day of the Month of Meskeren (September 11), THE TRUE DATE OF THE BIRTH OF CHRIST, and as such, the Ethiopian New Year's Day. This Divine Truth is analytically explained in details in one of my published books notably in that entitled "Ethiopia!: Ye'Alemu Meffareja!" whose translation into English for publication is in process.

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

First Email from Dawit:-
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Response to the First Email from Dawit:-
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Second Email from Dawit:-
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Response to the Second Email from Dawit:-
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Third Email from Dawit:-
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Response to the Third Email from Dawit:-
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First Email from Qesis Mebratu:-
If you are interested in purchasing my book on Ethiopian Christology, please follow the following brief guide which was emailed to me by the publisher of the book.
Response to the First Email from Qesis Mebratu:-
This is to inform you that I had ordered your book on Ethiopian Christology by phone whose number was provided in your email and am waiting to receive it.
N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede WoldeYesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God
Second Email from Qesis Gebru:-
Dear N'bure-Id:
Am glad to learn that you have considered buying my humble work. I look forward to reading your constructive and critical comments on the book which would improve the quality of the book as I have a future plan to republish it.
By the way, I am writing a doctoral thesis on the creation themes of the Ethiopian Liturgy, and God willing, upon its completion it will be published.

Asking for your priestly prayers,

Response to the Second Email from Qesis Mebratu:-
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Third Email from Qesis Mebratu:-
Dear N'bure-Id Ermias:
Many thanks for your encouraging comments on my humble work. I believe that the principal mission of the One Church of Christ is to declare the Kingdom of God as John the baptist and the Lord Christ himself did. Of course the other apostles as well have done the same.
Even though I was not able to deal with the concept of the Ethiopian Holy Covenant in my previous work, I assure you that I will devote my time to learn more about this (especially from your esteemed works) and incorporate the new insights into my future works that I have planned.
Asking for your priestly prayers and wishing you a very joyous Feast of the Nativity of the Lord,
Response to the Third Email from Qesis Mebratu:-
Thank you for the kind and optimistic response that included good wishes for the holiday.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the fact that we, Ethiopians in The Faith of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God of The Holy Covenant, following the original and ancient, true and pristine Ethiopian belief, observe and celebrate Christmas as well as The Birthday of Our Holy Mother The Virgin Mary on Meskerem 1 (one).
N'bure-Id Ermias
First Email from N'g'st:-
I'm sorry that my husband and I could not see you during his break here in our home state. We went away for our Honeymoon. Not long after the day we got back, my husband left for his tour of duty abroad. I ask if you can please keep him in your prayers. I am very sad to see him go because I know it is very dangerous over there.
Response to the First Email from N'g'st:-
Thank you for your recent email. It was good to hear from you after a long while. We are glad to know you were away for your Honeymoon where you certainly enjoyed staying.
Be assured that your husband and you are both constantly remembered with your Christian Names mentioned in our daily and ocassional, individual and fellowship prayers ever since the day of your Matrimonial Consecration as being not only husband and wife to one another but also Fellows Son-King and Daughter-Queen in The Kingdom of God.
So, as such, please continue to realize in the spiritual exaltation that you and your husband are always under the inspiration and guidance, care and protection of God The Holy Spirit: You both need to feel His Incessant Precence in both of you as you are both committed and declared believers of the Ethiopian Faith in The Holy Covenant as well as partakers of The Holy Communion. You may recall my initial advice to you both to dedicate yourselves to reciting in meditation the "Four Prayers" at least once a day in order for you to experience this Divine Reality. This Reality renders it unnecessary for us to seek God only at a time of difficulty or when one is faced with hardship as most people, so-called believers, are used to do.
Kindly convey to your husband our cordial greetings along with this message.

Second Email from N'g'st:-
Thank you for your loving thoughts and prayers. My husband returned to the U.S. in good health. I prayed every night and God answered my prayer as he always does. I want to thank you and your family from the bottom of my heart.
Response to the Second Email from N'g'st:-
It was a joy for us to learn the safe return of your beloved husband. We thanked God for His care and protection to each of you and to all of us, His children and servants, wherever we happen to be.
Thank you for the information.
Third Email from N'g'st:-
We are sorry we didnt get a chance to see you during Thanksgiving. Unfortunately my husband will be gone during Christmas. We are very sad to be apart from each other during this time. Please keep him in your prayers.
Response to the Third Email from N'g'st:-
Even though your husband has to be away for the discharge of his duty during the forthcoming Chrismas, we feel that you, the couple, would remain closely attached as if you are not experiencing any sort of separation. This is because of the spiritual bond that you had most willingly consented to have been laid down by The Divine Grace between you both and which is greater and more real than the physical one.
You know such is the essence of your Faith in The Holy Covenant that you embraced and professed to abide by. I hope you will not forget the fact that it is always under such circumstances that the truthfulness and fruitfulness of your devotion to your faith are put to test. I trust that you will pass, this time and once again, not only the physical but also more importantly the spiritual test as you had severally done in the past.

Assuring you of our constant vigilance in praying for you both,

Truly yours in The Holy Covenant,

Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

Email sent to Nafqot Ethiopia Megazine
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Email from KbreMariam
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Response to Email from KbreMariam
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Email from Sam:
Can you please tell me when was Jesus Born? Is it December 25? Or January 7 (Ethiopian calendar)? Please help me with any biblical verse and any history book?
Our Response to the Email from Sam:
Thank you for your email with a question whose answer is as follows:

The True Date of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ that we, Ethiopians of the Holy Covenant in the Faith and Services of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, observe to date is, according to the Biblical Ethiopian Calendar, Meskerem 1 (September 11 Gregorian Calendar).
Here are few of the basic premises to this Divine Truth:
1) As God, initially on this date, gave birth to His First Creation of a vulnerable human-being in His Own Image with a corrupt material Universe for him to enjoy, so also did He, as The Incarnate God, was born on this same date as The Second invincible Man of the final Spiritual Creation so that the former would live eternally in the Perfect Kingdom of God, the New Earth and Heavens.
2) The 5500 years span of the Era of Divine Condemnation exacted at the inauguration of Creation upon Adam and Eve and their offspring ends, and the New Year of the Milleniums of Divine Mercy that resulted from the fulfillment of the Divine Promise made to them then begins in the Birth of The Incarnate God The Son on this date.
3) The time of the year when Joseph and the Virgin Mary, for the fulfilment of the prophetic Birth of The Incarnate Son of God, travelled to Bethelhem to be registered in their native city in compliance with the "Decree that went out from Augustus Caesar for all the world to be registered", and the "Shepherds" who were blessed to witness the angelic glory of the Lord, "stayed out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night" could never be during the snowy winter month of December, but, according to the Gospels, that late summer month of Meskerem (September). (Lk. 2/1-20)

For more details, you may read our English publication: Ethiopia: The Classic Case and more importantly the relevant chapters of those publications in Ethiopic, particularly the one entitled "EtioPia: Ye'Alemu Meffareja!" whose English rendering and compilation process is underway and forthcoming; you may also visit pertinent sections of the various forums of our website, especially the Q&A one.

Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services

Email from Samson T.
I wanted to to submit my question to Nebureed Ermias Kebede. I submit my question on the Q & A section but got no response. My question is: Why is the difference of our Calendar from that of the European if both of us start counting it starting from the birth of Jesus Christ (even if there are differences in our religion).
Our Response to the Email from Samson T.:
The question you put forward with regard to the difference between our Ethiopian Calendar and that of the European has been dealt with extensively in the relevant sections of my books and messages posted on our web site. If you did not read them until now, please do so. You will be much enlightened on the subject.

Here is a short, straight forward and simple answer to your question, as to why should there happen to exist a difference of seven to eight years in arrears between our Ethiopian Calendar and that of the European: It is because, the Europeans, under the influence and order of Gregory, Pope of the Catholic Church, in the 16th century, added, seven to eight years on those Biblical Age of 5500 years from the days of Adam and Eve to the Birth of Christ which occurred on Meskerem 1. The Catholic Church, following the conclusion of the scientific computation of its experts in astronomy, opted, of its own initiative and unilateral decision to change the then ecumenical and universal Christian calendar to which Ethiopia still adhere. That was why the new European calendar is called Gregorian, after its initiator the Catholic Pope Gregory.

You will also find an English version of the explanation on this issue on the web site of www.selamforethiopia.com by clicking the colourful heading "New Year Message To All Peoples" on its Home Page and displayed under the title: "Why do the Ethiopian and the European (Gregorian) calendar differ?"

Note that your name in Ethiopic is spelled "Somson", not "Samson". Also, in the future, please don't address me as "Father", but simply as N'bure-Id, because, we are told and instructed by Our Lord Jesus Christ (in Mt. 23/9) that Our Father is only One who is Our Heavenly Father.

N'bure-Id Ermias
EthKoG Servant
Email from Samson D.:
Most of the books posted seem compelling to be read, but how come one esp. an Ethiopian not able to pay the hard currency for the books would be able to access those books?
Our Response to the Email from Somson D.:-
In order for you to have access to our books posted on our web site, if you are in Ethiopia or elsewhere abroad, and if you are not able to pay through PayPal in credit or debit card, you may send a check in any currency available for you to our local (Addis Abeba, Ethiopia) or foreign (Washington, DC, USA) postal address with the amount required. The addresses, including the telephone number, of the aforementioned locations are listed in the "Contact" section of our web site.

Email from Arnuad:
Greetings, Nibure-Id Ermias, in the Name of the Holy Trinity, the One true God, amen.

A few months ago now, I ordered your book "Ethiopia: The Classic Case" and asked you some questions, and you answered me. Given that, by the Grace of God, you are someone very knowledgeable, I'm curious to know your replies to other questions. I'm a searcher. I searched, I search, and I will search. With the words of His Majesty Q.H.S. : "Education and the quest for knowledge stops only at the grave."

1. I noted that you always stress that your Church, according to you the indigenous Church of Ethiopia, is not, or should not call itself: "Orthodox Tewah'do", but is, or should call itself only:"Tewah'do". To you, even though the greek word "Orthodox" means "right 'doctrine and worship'", it is not correct to be used to designate the Ethiopian Church for some reasons. But as Nibure-Id knows it very well, this word, "Orthodox", was part of the appellation of the Ethiopian Church from very long time, and in the time you have been anointed Nibure-Id it seems to me that the official appellation of the house of the priesthood was known as: "Ye Itiyopiya Ortodoks Tewahido Bete Krestiyan". In addition, until the way to its autocephaly, it seems to me that all bishops in Ethiopia were Egyptians, and the patriarch too, being the same patriarch of the Coptic Church. By saying all this, what I mean is that the simple mind is not able to identify your Church because you systematically suggest that this last is not Orthodox, and refrain from anything Coptic that would have positively influenced the Ethiopian. The way you write in the Q/A just gives this impression that in Ethiopia there were maybe two houses of priesthood co-existing on the same soil, and being in competition with each other. But when I ask to any Habesha if he/she knows about the Ethiopian Tewah'do Church, but not the Ethiopian ORTHODOX Tewah'do Church, their answer is always the same: They never heard about it. Please, Can you clarify it for me (and for others if you post this in the Q/A)? I myself am confused and am not even sure if I correctly understood where you stand.

2. I see that you mention St. Maryam, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, as being a "divine" Sovereign. What do you mean by "divine"? Do you mean St. Maryam does have divinity as own to Her nature? Or Does the word "divine" denote another sense here than a deity? I don't think you believe St. Maryam is part of the Godhead but explain me.

3. Have you already seen this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syw-Z6aH5tc? Prince Ermias Sahle Sellassie on the subject of the Lion of Judah. I'm curious to know your feelings on this video.

4. In your book "Ethiopia: The Classic Case", you say that king Solomon met the queen Makeda and consequently a son called Bayna Lekhem is born of her, a son who is best known as Q'damawi Menelik, the first Ethiopian Solomonic sovereign. I believe in this. And you also say that prior to the birth of Jesus, succession to the throne was 'collaterally determined by the merit of physical descent from the seed of king Solomon and queen Makeda', but not after Christ. But if the throne of David and the Holy Tabot was in Ethiopia even since the earthly time of Solomon son of David, if as you say in your book: "all what was for Israel was transferred to Ethiopia and all the divine blessings that were for the Israelites were bestowed upon the Ethiopians" is real, and I believe this to be real, Why king David in Psalm 89 has prophesied:
http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%2089%20:%2038-49&version=KJV? It seems to me he prophesied about the fall of his house/family who were in Jerusalem (*the line that succeeded Rehoboam, his grandson, son of his son Solomon). The final execution of this fall occured under king Zedekiah, but even since the time of Rehoboam he (Rehoboam) was not anymore king of Israel (the 12 tribes), but only king over two tribes. Now here is what I don't understand: If, during the time of Solomon, Israelites from among the 12 tribes, including the eldest of the High Priest Zadok: Azariah, went to Ethiopia with Menelik and the Tabot Tsiyon, Why did David say the words he said in the passage I put in link? Ethiopian history shows us that the Solomonic dynasty never really stopped to reign, rather there were interruptions, sometimes short sometimes longer, but the dynasty always came back in power. In the days of the Derg, and still today, monarchy is said to have been officially abolished, but Who knows in the future? In brief, I would like to know basically what David meant in this passage in link. And also I would like to know what he meant in this same Psalm 89 when he said: "...Thy seed will I establish for ever, and build up thy throne to all generations... vs.4 His seed.. will I make to endure for ever, and his throne as the days of heaven... vs.29 His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me. It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven... vs.36-37" Psalm 89 KJV. If you have an idea, it's very welcome. If not, don't worry, we cannot know everything.

Our Response to the Email from Arnaud:
In the Names of God The Holy Trinity and The Holy Mother of God The Virgin Mary, Ethiopian Greetings!

Thank you for your recent email.

Here are the answers to your questions:-
1. It is not the literal translation of the word "orthodox" that is significant here and the focus exposed in the present context. Had it been so, it would have been adequate to state this fact in a simple way such as just by using the corresponding Ge'ez term, "???? (r't'i't)" that is often mentioned whenever and wherever found appropriate, substituting the former.
The core issue here is not that aspect of the subject -matter, but the sinister connotation that this appellation was originally meant to imply or convey, as explained thoroughly in the publications you cited, which is: "If possible, to destroy Ethiopia of The Holy Covenant and all that is pertinent to Her national existence that preceded way back to that of the perpetrators; if that is not possible, which proved to be so, to pretend and show the exercise of power of domination over and above the former."
Now, at the end of time, it is believed by True Children of Ethiopia
that The Holy Spirit has willed it to rectifiy, through their faithful devotion as servants of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, every human wrong and perversion done on what is the Divine concerning Ethiopia that was instigated first, 3000 years ago by the Jews and then 1600 years ago by the Copts and which still continues to prevail to this day, to the detriment of all that is Ethiopian.
I hope you are able to recognize the reality of what is being positively undertaken presently by those few True Ethiopians committed to The Holy Covenant in this regard to be a recurrence of all that was carried out by Jesus Christ and His Disciples. I do not imagine for any reasonable person, let alone a faithful believer, to condone with such noxious actions of the perpetrators to be maintained as a status quo.
Based on your own statement, it may be easy for you and for any sensible person, to realize the extent of the severe apparent damage already done by such age-long campaign of smear, brainwash and indoctrination by the foreign and domestic instigators carried out on the submissive Ethiopian generations in uninterrupted successions including the present. Please be informed that THIS IS A TIMELY REVELATION AND GOOD TIDING INSPIRED AND GUIDED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, TO BE PROCLAIMED TO ETHIOPIANS AND TO THE WHOLE HUMANITY.
No wonder that Jesus Christ spoke of the present time and situation in the following terms: "But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." (Matt. 24: 37-39)
According to the faith of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God of The
Holy Covenant, from time immemorial, in both domains of the mainland Ethiopia or in the recent diaspora, there is always only one House of the Priesthood (BETE-K'H'NET), whether it is called Ethiopian Church, Ethiopian Tewah'do Church, or Ethiopian Orthodox Tewah'do Church, and not two, just in the same patterns that apply to the other two constituents, meaning, the House of the People and the House of the Government.
In all aspects of our current dealings and actions with regard to the
foregoing, while the present hierarchy of the Ethiopian Church, i.e., the clergy and the laity, preferred to behave and take the evil stance of the the Jewry of Jesus's time, we, on our part, simply continue to maintain and keep track of the whole original and genuine faith and deed that Jesus Christ and His Disciples followed, enhanced and consolidated: The Incarnate God Jesus Christ was conceived and born of The Ethiopian Virgin Mary, grew, learned, taught, debated, acted, witnessed, suffered, crucified and finally died within and for the eternal and complete salvation of THIS SAME One Church that is the integral part of His Kingdom. He neither abandoned her and established another new one nor gave a hint even by implication to have done so.
The same applies in our present case. Ourselves, inheritors and
custodians of the SAME Divine Entity and immersed in the atoned life of THE ETHIOPIAN, we continue to bear witness in the same inspiration and guidance of The Holy Spirit to the whole world about The Divine Truth of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God in The Holy Covenant until the latter is revealed to and recognized by the former.
2. Didn't you realize that each and every human-being is inherently
DIVINE because of his/her original creation in THE IMAGE OF GOD, let alone THE MOTHER OF GOD? It was always failure on the part of the large majority of humans to make the GOOD CHOICE to live upto that supreme status of their God-given priviledge which deprived them of THAT DIVINITY, while only The Ethiopian Virgin Mary from amongst women retained IT.
In accordance with the faith of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God of The Holy Covenant, while Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of Scriptures that says "The WORD BECAME FLESH", thus becoming The Incarnate God, it is The Virgin Mary that is the fulfilmment of Scriptures that says "THE HUMAN BECAME GOD", thus becoming The Divine Human. (Gen. 3: 22; Jn. 1: 14)
In the Ethiopian context of our Faith, you cannot conceive of or relate about or portray The One without The Other: The Mother, The Virgin Mary without Her Son, Jesus Christ. You cannot make an image or a representation of The One alone without The Other: That is, even for the Sacred Icon to be acceptable, The Mother and The Son aught to be always portrayed together, The Latter being embraced by The Former, designated as "M'sle F'qur Welda" meaning, "The Mother With Her Beloved Child." Devoid of The One, The Other is non-existent. Both are present, when The Name of Either One is mentioned. Hence, when the Name of The One is mentioned, not only is The Name of The Other is deemed to be mentioned but The Person and Nature of The Other are also deemed to be present. To sum up the Divine Truth of this phenomenon: In the Person and Nature of The Holy Mother, The Son exists; and in the Person and Nature of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary exists.
The other Divine Mystery revealed in such interrelated Incarnation is the Divine Truth signified, on the one hand, by the primal procreation of Eve from Adam at the beginning of time, and, on the other, by the birth of the Second Adam who is The Incarnate God Jesus Christ from the Second Eve, The Virgin Mary, at the final end of time: A same process took place, but in reverse, atoning and making justice for the prejudice that was done and prevailed for milleniums on the feminine by the masculine. (Gen. 1: 26-27; 2: 21-22; 3: 22. Jn. 1: 1-14.)
Even viewing it from the perspective of the human way of life, whom do you think is greater: the mother or her son? Of course, it is the former. So, you see! God preferred the human and the earthly norm to prevail rather than the divine and the heavenly. Yes, accordingly, while The Incarnate God The Son Jesus Christ, in His pre-existent Divinity, remains senior and greater than The Human God Mother The Virgin Mary, The Latter, as a result of Her Deserved Consummate Status of Human Motherhood for The Divine, retains Her seniority and greatness over and above the Incarnate God Head, thus bringing about the justified equilibrium of not merely of the two opposing genders of the male and the female beings, but also of the alienated Statuses of the Divine and the Human.
3. I have seen the video whose link you provided me with and in which
Prince Ermias Sahle Sellassie made a presentation on the subject of the Lion of Judah. Though the presentation, from the historical perspective, looks somewhat worthwhile, it falls short of details that relate to the Scriptural and Spiritual significances whose proper expositions are dealt with in my book, Ethiopia: The Classic Case concerning the same subject matter. The Prince seems to be focussed on and obssessed by the RasTafarian concepts and interpretations of the issue with no single reference made to the relevant Divine Truths expounded in the aforementioned publication. As such and since the presentation does not go in line with The Divine Truth of The Faith of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God of The Holy Covenant, the contents of the video are not wholly considered to be acceptable on our part.
4. The words said by David in the passage (Ps. 89: 38-49) simply
relate, on the one hand, to the actual events that took place in his lifetime in Jerusalem, bringing to fulfilment the Prophecy of the fall of his house there and then in the israelite's context. On the other hand, the transfer of David's Covenantal Seed through Menelik I together with that of the Ark of the Covenant and the Elected group from the 12 tribes to Ethiopia and the Ethiopians signify the prophetic end of God's Covenant with the Israelites and the perpetuation of the prophecy of the Holy Covenant in the the more favoured Ethiopian context until the Advent of The Ethiopian Virgin Mary and Her Son The Incarnate God Jesus Christ.
The rest of the verses of the chapter 89 such as those in vs 4 and
29 speak only of Jesus Christ and His Faithful Heirs, The True Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant: Yes, all the Elects who succeeded and served Him as Atsies upto the late Haile-Sellassie I. This is in accordance with the Gospel of John that reads: "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."
This verse proves beyond any doubt the annulment of the
Old Testament legitimacy of the inheritance to the Divine Throne of the Ethiopian Makkedda and that of David by carnal decent or birth of the Atsies and the substitution of the Spiritual birth from God which came in effect after the innauguration of the New Holy Order by Jesus Christ.

Finally, I am wondering why you needed to continue searching. Of
course, it is good for one to search, but for how long? It seems to me that the human search for THE ULTIMATE DIVINE TRUTH is completed and attained by the fulfillment of the Prophecies through the Eternal Figures of Incarnation: The Human Mother Virgin Mary and The Son God Jesus Christ. What remains for human beings to do is to live THE LIFE offered by The Latter as described in the foregoing.

Trusting the unwavering inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit continues to prevail upon all those faithful,

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

Third Email From Z-A:-
I fear perhaps in the emotion of the moment (expressed in the previous second email) I have not been as clear as I wanted to be. Let me give you an example of the problem I had with your message.
Sometimes, when I am at my worst behaviour, through the mercy and compassion of Medhane Alem Iyesus Kristos, God give me everything and makes me most comfortable. And sometimes..when I am at my best spiritual behaviour and sinfully expect some kind of reward from Heaven..nothing comes..indeed things get hard and harder.

So, the lesson I learned there is that IT WOULD BE WRONG TO PRESUME TO KNOW THE WORKS OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. When I wrote to you I was not asking.
How do you see God or why is God doing this to me and/or Ethiopia, THAT IS NOT WHAT I ASKED YOU. I asked you how do YOU see these TIMES. Specifically, the suffering of Ethiopians under Woyane and Fascist Italia, and HOW SHOULD WE SEE THESE TIMES? In that instance, I would expect from you..something different than you, your family, Ethiopia and all Ethiopians and in particular this generatin of Ethiopians are being punished for intransigence, etc etc..Even if that is what you beleive, I would expect such a harsh blunt statement to be accompanied by the methods to overcome such, what needs to be done to clean the ears so they can hear the Divine Call that you mentioned, defeat ambilivence and rediscover God-given will-power.
Such a harsh explanations should be delivered with a solution, a very clear road map to accompany such a hard kick by saying.."Please..This is what to read, this is what to do and this is how to pray". For example..this is what I pray even in my blind state that I mentioned earlier.."Father, I am a sinner, and we Ethiopians are all sinners who have broken the Sacred Convenant which is our birthright..but I beg you to forgive me and for the sake of the righteous who are in Ethiopia I beg you to forgive, protect and save Ethiopia."
So that is one of my prayers. If it is a wrong way of praying, please correct it. I ask you again, for people whose spirit is still at an "inchich" stage and/or has been weakened or battered by TIME and EVENTS at the hands of WICKED AND CRUEL PEOPLE. What is the remedy? For Ethiopia and Ethiopians who are suffering in Ethiopia what is the PRAYER? ..to restore their spirit and soul of a people and a nation. I am asking you about ME, what I can do and how I should see things.

Our Response to the Third Email from Z-A:-
Thank you for your recent two consecutive emails in which you expressed your feelings openly and truthfully. They prove to be crucial elements that Ethiopians exactly lack and need indeed to exemplify and restore. I am glad you acted that way.
All my responses, including the last one, were all meant, in all sincerity, to directly answer your questions and help you in your situation. And they were prepared and sent, as far as I know and assert, solely in the Name, Inspiration and Guidance of The Holy Spirit in Whom we believe, as specified in our Creed and Testimonial of The Holy Covenant.
You may recall the significance of our unpredicted meeting that took place when you called me first by phone, and the recognition that we mutually attributed to the incident as being the work of the Holy Spirit; the ensuing discussion we had extensively at that time was also extraordinary. I still believe that the series of reactions you had shown during our telephone dialogue and in your writings ever since are all the positive results of the Grace of the Holy Spirit.
All that I conveyed to you was entirely based on the same Word of God that was uttered to human beings for the last several millenniums by the Prophets and Apostles of God. Even The Incarnate God Our Lord Jesus Christ, at the time of His sojourn on the earth, followed the same pattern in spreading The Divine Message of "REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!" (Matt. 3/2 & 4/17)
Astonishingly, the reaction of humanity, individually and collectively, to such call of the Divine Message remained always one and the same: just as you did through your emails: It used to end up and go even to the extent of martyrdom and Crucifixion of the Messengers, the prominent ones being John the Baptist and Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. So, your response was no surprise or strange to me. Such is the Power of the The Divine Truth of the Word of God in The Holy Spirit. It invokes human nature to react in one way or other to the Divine Cause.
I could never understand why you used the terms "arrogance and anger" and why you raised such personal matter that relates to your inability of purchasing any of my books. The question with regard to the purchase of books was never mentioned in any of my responses, even in our lengthy initial telephone conversation except perhaps reminding you then to consult them for detailed explanation in case you may need to obtain for more information concerning The Divine Truth about Ethiopia, the Ethiopians and Ethiopianness.
If there was a speck of that motive, I wouldn't have taken that much time in our telephone talk and spent my time to answer your questions and explain them in greater aspect in my emails. I could have terminated our conversation and correspondence by simply saying and writing to you: "I have no time; get the books and read them!" You know I didn't do that, rather I continued in the exchange.
As far as we The Children of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God of the Holy Covenant are concerned, there is nothing in our personal, familial, social, communal, national and ecumenical entity and life that we conceive of in our mind, say by word of mouth or writing and transform in deeds that is outside the domain and context of The Divine.
As an Ethiopian, you should have known by now the elementary Divine Truth that Our Omnipotent Benevolent God has bestowed upon all individual human beings not only the capacity to know Him and His Intentions, but also the privilege to be like Him: For, this is the simple meaning and the core reality of being created initially IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, then, by eating from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil BECAME AS GOD TO KNOW GOOD AND EVIL, and finally, by being born again in the Sacrament of Baptism and in The Holy Spirit from God, BECOME SON/DAUGHTER OF GOD.
It is incumbent upon the individual human being to accept or reject this Divine Truth in Faith and Deed. If one accepts it inherently or in REPENTANCE well and good for him/her. But if not woe unto the latter!
Under the circumstances spelled out in your last emails, it does seem to me so far not adviseable or worthwhile to continue extending my service of responding appropriately to your questions or give my opinions as I found it fit, lest I may do more harm than good to your feelings.
So, kindly allow me to tell you what I wish to do next for the conducive and favourable outcome of our common good:-
Firstly, regardless of the disapproval you finally exihibited towards all that I had communicated to you so far, I will maintain praying for the wellbeing of you and your son, since I have the Baptismal Names of you both.
Secondly, I will mail to you, as a complimentary gift, i.e., free of charge, all my published books, one at a time, if you provide me with your mailing address by email. When you inform me that you have finished reading the first book, I will send you the second one, and so on. As you will find in these books all the answers to the questions you may have to put forward to me, such endeavour would save us both the trouble of email correspondence between us and help you in enlightening you in the things you need to know, thus alleviating the problems you are currently confronted with.
Here, I want you to realize the fact that this gesture of mine does not mean that I have the financial capability of handling such case in such a way. For, it is only God and I who know the truth about the hardship my family and I underwent in dealing with the high and unbearable cost of the printing and distributing of the books aforementioned. We recognize that it is not even our meager working income that brought about the successful publication of them all, but the miraculous helping hand of God.
While the reason why I took such measure presently is, on one hand, to meet your requirement in consideration of your disclosure of the financial difficulty you are implicated in, it is, on the other hand, to demonstrate to you the true incentive for which our service has been founded and embarked upon: That it has never been, and is not and will never be for monetary gains at all, but for The Divine Purpose already proclaimed solemnly on our website and elsewhere.

I hope in prayer that you and your family are doing well and look forward to hear from you.

Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services,
N'bure-Id Ermias Kebbede Welde-Yesus
Fourth Email from Z-A:-
Thank you very much for the reply. First let me apologize for causing you any sadness in the frank nature of my reply. I am very sorry. But I thought it best to just write as I felt which now I realize was very disrepectful and a big mistake. Please forgive me. I could have said what I wanted to say using better expression and being less emotional.

I told you I was blind and that is how a blind person's life is..by trial and error..and my letters to you were an error. I am deeply regretful that this has led to my privilege of hearing from you by email being suspended; but I hope to do better and engage with you once again once I have found the right way.

I beg you to understand that even in my pained and confused "dasessa and meddenaber" of the spirtually blind, in no way was I suggesting that you were angry with me for financial reasons. NO. I was not trying to say that you wanted me to buy your books.. I know very well that you are not a person who cares about money or the sale of your books. It was also wrong of me to describe my personal situation to you related to money as this is not the basis of our discussion.

What I was trying to say was that I found your response very strong and painful and speculated that maybe you were angry because I was asking these ignorant questions. I was thinking you were angry with me for not doing more to improve my spiritual knowledge and strength and that for this reason your were rebuking me for being a lazy student. A student who had not made the effort to know more by buying your books and reading them. That was what I meant.
In any case, please know that someone in Finland who is helping me to learn more and read more..a young man who could well be my son, has kindly offered to send me his copies of your books. So, although deeply grateful for your offer, I have made arrangements to receive those books shortly. If you have a spare or used copy of the main and most important book that you think I must read urgently, please do send it to me via my address I provided you herein.

Thank you very much for your generoisty, Igziabeher Yisttling; I appreaciate that. This is a strain for you too, and if you find it difficult, I will just wait for my friend from Finland to find someone to bring me the books. He has them all. You can just suggest to me which one I must read first. That will be quite enough for me.

You are absolutely right that it is not right for you to spend time in correspondence with me. While I appreaciate and have confessed to you the fledging and vulnerable nature of my spiritual growth and wellbeing... it is flabbergasting that you suggest my condition along with others is not new to you and that people like me woudl go as far as those who proceeded to organizing cruxifiction and behading. You say that when the truth is revealed to people they react in only one of two possible ways. You see, this is the arrogance i was talking about. This is a very paindful thing for me to read. Sir, I wish you no harm at all. Perhaps you can reconsider that there may be others who DO NOT react in one of two ways. Please know that I am very happy to find you. I looked for you. I wrote to you. It would never cross my mind to harm you or wish you harm. How can I reject a message or messenger/teacher I was looking for? This is waht I have been asking myself.

I realize you are doing what you must but the way your are delivering the message is too powerful for me. that is all. I am sure when I learn more and am stronger, I will be able to absorb the bluntness of your delivery and see the truth that you see. Pleaee known that I have no doubt I am a daughter of God but the elementary knowledge that you presume I have is not there!! I look forward to being the Ethiopian that you know it is possible to be. When you said, As an Ethiopian, you should have known by now the elementary Divine Truth that Our Omnipotent Benevolent God has bestowed upon all individual human beings not only the capacity to know Him and His Intentions, but also the privilege to be like Him. I did not know this was possible.

All my life I have believed, (mistakenly then) that it is wrong and sinful to presume to know what God is intending. Of course, through the suffering crucifiction and ressurrection of our Lord MedhaneAlem and ONLY through Him do I believe can I stand before the Creator but if you have the path for this Godliness in your books I will read them and find it. In the meantime I will continue to read my Bible and pray for the correct heart and spirit to reach the enlghtenment and repentance that you are recommending for me urgently. God knows I am tired of being blind and bumping into painful sitiuations like this misundersatnding constantly and also tired of asking for help to see things correctly.

Thank you very much. Please forgive me for everything in this email which I am sending in a rush and straight off the top of my head and from my heart, and if I have hurt, offended or annoyed you with my long and long winded emails. I am going now to read and study Matt. 3/2 & 4/17.

Our Response to the Fourth Email from Z-A:-
Thank you for the response and for all of your clarifications therein. I understood, accepted and condoned with all that you expressed in your email except one item on which an exclusive explanation is given in the following paragraphs down below.
I am glad to know that you have met a young man in Finland who is helping you to learn more and read more... and who has kindly offered to send you his copies of my books.
With regard to your request that require of me to offer you my recommendation on prioritization of the reading of the books, I suggest that you follow the sequence of their publication for better result. Accordingly, my primary book entitled: "Ethiopia: The Classic Case!" will be delivered to you shortly by mail, gratis, via the address you provided me in your email for your perusal until you receive the other publications from your friend.
I rejoiced for the sober mood of your reaction this time. It is a good sign that shows the right way which leads to a positive result that you and I both aspire for: Your righteous spiritual enlightenment. I thanked Medhane-Alem and His Holy Mother for such inspiring outcome, appreciating and admiring at the same time your tenacious struggle in handling the adverse situation that we both were confronted with. I believe The Holy Spirit continued to intervene in this ordeal to bring about the fruit of Goodness to your life which is a direct consequence of your diligent and faithful search for the Divine Truth about your own sacred spirituality and self-identity, i.e., your True Ethiopianness.
Let me put this case into the proper Ethiopian perspective and elaborate a little further on the above testimony: You have evidently asked for my forgiveness, which I do not deserve and which you need not put forward in the first place, since you did not do any harm or wrong to me personally at all. Such measure that you had taken in this regard, while surely manifests the will-power you inherently possess to do so, confirms the reality that you have already answered favourably to my appeal that I made to you: a call for your repentance to God.
This means you have already repented to God provided that you recognized and admitted the kind of sin, you and God alone are aware of being committed by you. To verify my point, let me quote a text from your own email that reads: "Of course, through the suffering Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord MedhaneAlem and ONLY through Him do I believe can I stand before the Creator." In these few words, not only are the Divine significance and the mysterious meaning of the term Repentance well presented, but also the course through which it was secured and the process under which it works are just as well highlighted explicitly. This statment of yours amounts to Repentance.
Such is the miraculous wonder that Repentance represents and brings about for the welfare of humanity in general, and individual believers in particular. And I, a worthless humble servant messenger of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God of The Holy Covenant, had simply delivered The Divine Message of Repentance, articulated in the standard Words of its Pronouncement: "REPENT! FOR, ETHIOPIA: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!" It is the Message that The Holy Spirit instructed me to convey to you. As you know, the core of our ongoing contention arises from the misunderstanding of the essence of this Message and the process of Its delivery.
So, as such, my service should not have been construed to be an act of arrogance on my part which disposition you still persisted to mention in your last email as if, in your assumption, it remains to exist within my innermost being despite your expressed apology.
Under the circumstances, if I merely disregard or dismiss such allegation as something unworthy to raise and discuss, I may jeopardize not only my service of servant messenger vocation, but more so The Message Itself Which is believed to have emanated from The Holy Spirit Who is Its Divine Author.
In order for you to understand more easily and clearly the appropriate manner of treating the question of Repentance as well as the way of assessing my humble service, I would suggest that you put yourself into my shoes while I relate to you my own personal and incessant experiences in dealing with the same subject aformentioned.
It goes like this: I always believe that I am in constant commission of sin physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Even if I presume to feel chaste in the physical and spiritual domains, in no way would I be immaculate from the sin that would be committed in that of the mental. Still, even if, deep in my conscience, nothing remains to suggest any sense of guilt that I could perceive mentally also, I continue to feel a sinner, because I realized very well that I could never be free from sin in the eyes of God. Hence, I need to admit ceaselessly my sin that I am liable to commit at every instant. And, as such, I am required, accordingly, to ask for forgiveness from God, with full trust that I am already absolved of all my sins instantaneously. (Matt. 5/27-30.)
This constitutes repentance which is the Gracious Divine Mystery of Atonement and Salvation acquired by the Crucifixion and Resurrection of The Incarnate God Jesus Christ that continuously made me cleansed completely even from the most minuscule stain of sin, as stated above in the quotation cited from your own writing.
So, if you happen to contact me anytime and write me under any condition, saying "Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!" I would readily succumb to your admonition without question and comply with it; because my Ethiopian Life is sustained on the continuous adherence of the act of Repentance, as explained in the foregoing.
I should not label your admonition as a sort of arrogance in any manner. However, if I do label and insist in labelling it as such, such act would invoke the justice that is rendered in accordance with the following Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ and would subject me to the same: "Therefore, I say unto you: 'Every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven to men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven to men. Anyone who speaks a word against The Son of Man [Jesus], it will be forgiven to him; but whoever speaks against The Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven to him, either in this age [world] or in the age [world] to come.'" (Matt. 12/31-32.)
As you might have noted from our website forum on Faith, in spite of the stipulation that affirms the complete remmission of our sins that is provided for in our Ethiopian Creed which reads, "We believe in One Baptism for the remission of sins", our daily prayer that includes the latter as well as our Testimonial of our Faith in The Holy Covenant and our Glorification to God still testify to this fact of our engagement with Penitence whose respective sections are quoted hereunder:
"We believe that, in order for us to maintain such Divine birthright privilege, to confirm our inheritance of God's Kingdom and to continue rendering our pertinent services, it is our constant commitment to absolve our sins through incessant repentance and partake the Holy Communion of Our Lord Jesus Christ."
"You gave us, on daily basis, the Holy Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Your Son as nourishment for our Soul, and as an assurance for our salvation and eternal life. Through the same Sacrament, You exonerated us completely from our sins and iniquities once for all, and empowered us to forgive the debts of our debtors. For us to be Your Children, You granted us the exaltation of the spiritual birth of Baptism and the Sacrament of the Grace of Penance."
So much for the mention of the term "arrogance" in its context with that of "repentance".
Finally, your presumption that our contact by email would be suspended as a result of my consideration to stop corresponding with you, needs rectification; and here it is: My proposal for you to read the materials and my books posted on our website, rather than taking the trouble of writing or calling me for every question that may come up once in a while, was only meant to give you greater chance in using your spare time economically and conveniently for perusing the latter, since the answers to most of your questions are incorporated therein.
Otherwise, you are at liberty to call or write me if you have questions that are not covered by the aforementioned, or whenever you feel necessary to do so regardless.
Praying for the continuous Inspiration and Guidance of The Holy Spirit to all of us,
N'bure-Id Ermias Kebbede Welde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God
Fifth Email from Z-A:-
I write to thank you for the book you sent me which arrived two days ago. I did not write you immediately because of my reluctance to write you yet another trivial emotional email. Maybe even this one will be the same..but at least this time my heart is more humble and beginning to be better aware. The purpose of this long letter is to say Thank you for the book and everything you have given me.

I now write to show you the realisations I have received through repentance, prayer and the Holy Spirit. I would also like to share things that have started happen in my life after/ because of our meeting. Sorry to take your time but I feel it is good to share the changes happening in my life in a personal and truthful letter because I want you share my joy in the changes and see in detail the impact of the spiritual service you have kindly given to me, by Gods grace and mercy. I thank God for giving His guidance to help us meet and for giving you the patience not to abandon me. I also thank God for everything which happened between us (although I am very sorry for how badly I behaved towards you). My offer of thanks is deserving because everything that happened has helped me to see what I am and who I am before helping me understand what I can become.


Sir, I now realise I am not blind at all. In fact God made me PERFECTLY. It was vanity and LOVE OF SIN that made me not want to take off dark glasses which hide them. Your email was a good and necessary thing that was so painful to me because I was stubbornly refusing to take off the glasses and SEE my sinfulness and REPENT. My own vanity and love of self, my own desire not to repent was disguised as humility and a disability that I DID NOT HAVE. How horrible was I, how devious,, Igzio!...I prayed to God to destroy that statue I have built of myself.

I am sorry I approached you under such false circumstances..Please know I did not mean to lie to you..I did not even know until recently I WAS LYING to myself!! I hope you will forgive me..I am repenting and pray God forgives me..I hope I will also forgive myself because right now I feel very sad about my behaviour.. All that anger I was directing at you claiming too be a victim is all part of this false drama..In fact I was resisting your call for repentance. I am very sorry. I did not even realize what I was doing or why, I really felt I was a victim and just realized what was really going on. Please forgive me and let us put all this in the past. Thank you.


Dear Sir, I would like to tell you that my life and way of thinking is changing everyday since that Divinely Ordained telephone conversation, followed by our email exchange and in particular.. getting this life changing email you sent me below. I wonder how it will be after I read the book. I will always read and reread it. It is the most important thing anyone has ever given me in my ENTIRE LIFE. I am looking forward to the freedom from pain... confusion... doubt..and loss.. always feeling incomplete like something is missing...something not quite right. When I called you I KNEW I was headed to hell. When I called you it was at the right God appointed moment. I have a friend who says God don't always come when we call Him, BUT HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME. That is how it was...But still a long way to go.. a never ending journey..and struggle until death.

Now..everyday..I am treading this earth much more carefully..always
wondering who I have hurt knowing and unknowing always conscious of my constant sinfulness, always seeking repentance as you told me about in your email below, EVEN SINS IN MY MIND AND HEART LIKE MY INCREDIBLE VANITY. THAT HAS BEEN HIDING IN MY HEART DRESSED UP AS HUMILITY. It never occurred to me how CONSTANT my sinful nature is and how constantly I must be repenting.

Thank you for teaching me this. Thank you very very much. I am so ashamed...I am so sad when I think of the past including how I must have hurt you with my words. Please forgive me again and again. I don't know how someone I wanted to be close to me, someone I wanted to love and respect I ended up treating so badly. So this is how I am... GOD FORGIVE ME.

It is amazing for me to even be thinking such things let alone writing them. They are very personal and hard to describe. But I wanted to share them with you because it is you who got me to begin this journey. The journey continues with the book. I hope to write you of the progress or defeat (which I may confuse one for the other), but I hope you will continue to be able to help me tell the difference between God's TRUTH and my self-made drama as you have done before. Please pray for me and my continued spiritual growth strength and enlightenment. I will write when I finish the book God willing.

MANY THANKS..AGAIN... for showing me myself. And thank you for your letters and the book you sent me which will teach me what I can and MUST be. May God permit Amen! My prayers for your health, your families health and well being especially your good wife who also shared with me some of her light/knowledge which I have shared with others. Thank you both and God bless you both and all the family.

Our Response to the Fifth Email from Z-A:-
This is to thank you for writing me in such Spirit of The Divine. My wife appreciated your compliments extended therein. I also take this opportunity to offer my special THANKS to Our Saviour The Lord and to Our Holy Mother for letting me be priviledged to witness such Good-Tidings from you.
As you may notice I am writing you this message evidently at the pinnacle of all our annual Holidays -The Day of Pentecost that commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles- to signify the Divine Truth that what happened to you, as expressed in your email in definite terms, is the Work of The Holy Spirit.
Yes! You have defeated The Evil Spirit with The Power of The Holy Spirit Whom your own True Faith invoked. It is undeniably as a result of your own unwavering and dedicated ETHIOPIAN FAITH OF THE HOLY COVENANT and TRUE REPENTANCE that "God The Holy Spirit had destroyed the horrible, devious, false statue built in yourself", to use the words from your own testimony.
My wife and I, together with our family are overwhelmed with ecstatic joy for all the spiritual transformation and exaltation you had attained presently. This jubilation is not confined only to those of us who still live in the Eartly Domain of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God but also transcends into The Heavenly One. You may experience such inspiration within yourself by now. You may also remember the Parables of Our Lord Jesus Christ told by Him in this regard with special reference to the significance of the following verses cited in the Book of the New Testament: Luke 15/1-32. Please read them and participate in the Glorious Heavenly Joy, since you are the Person of the Day mentioned in all those Divine Parables.
We hope and pray that you will certainly persevere to the last in the joyful journey you have already embarked upon so confidently armed with the the Divine Blessings of your Faith of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God of The Holy Covenant.

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebbede Welde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God.

Sixth Email from Z-A:-
However belated, I write to report of my great God given progress. Also to say that you are always close in heart and in all my prayers, my beloved Nibure-Id Ermias, your name is in all thoughts as I Thank God for returning me to my rightful place. Of course I always tell Him on my knees that it was you and that fateful phone call that made it possible for me to return to my path that is my birthright as an Ethiopian.

I did not manage to write before. but in short, let me say there was a lot of cleaning up and diciplinanry work that had to go hand in hand with reading your book, even a prerequisite. So many things were just plain dirty. It felt correct to clean up everything first, inside and out... I had first also to open my Dawit..and pray before I opened your book. I was compelled.

Things are going well. Igziabeher Yimesgen. I am still reading your book and will get in touch again once I have finished. It seems almost as if talking is unecessary. I feel you already know of the miracles that are happening in my life. Hopefully, I have faith your heart is telling you because I certainly cannnot put it into words. I can say nothing more than IGZIABEHER YIMESGEN!!! There are no words to describe it but that: "Misgana new Wagaw!". Le Irsom Lebaletewom ye kebere..birtoo selamtayen akerbalew. Laderregachihoolign hulloo: Igziabeher Yikfelach'hoo!

Although still gripped by matters of this world..slowly but surely I know I will soon be free. It is like a fish who is swimming from the bottom of the dark ocean up to the light. Things which I used to like to not appeal to me any more. Oh.. that is another part of the progress, my friends are changing..the quality of my life and relationships is changing..

Please forgive me if there is delay in replying to you of my progress more regularly; it is just overwhelming. EVERYTHING IS CHANGING. Proabably this email does not even make sense, but "Everyday is like a new day!! Challenging but ...Temesgen....I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!"

That is my progress report and Thank you very much Sir!! AMEN.

Our Response to the Sixth Email from Z-A:-
In The Names of God The Holy Trinity and The Holy Mother of God
Ethiopian Greetings!

Dear Z-A:

It was with great relief and delight that my wife and myself received your "belated" email after so long a hiatus. Even though we always remember you in our daily prayers with yours and that of your son's Baptismal Names being mentioned, as a result of which we were confident that the Grace of The Holy Spirit will be you, we nevertheless remained at a loss to know how you were faring in life.
It is even more invigorating and inspiring to learn from your email that you are exalted to the status of attainment of The Divine Truth and Knowledge, to put it in your own words, that showed you the path that led you to return to your rightful place which happened to be your birthright privilege of being an Ethiopian.
For This Ultimate Blessings of Our God of The Holy Covenant, we joined you in thanking HIM along with Our Holy Mother of God, The Virgin Mary.
As you stated, you cannot and you need not have to explain to me in human terms how you would feel by now within youself since I fully understand from the same sensation that I had experienced.

Again thank you for letting us know your progress in the realization of WHO YOU ARE.
Trusting that you will continue in the progress of your development and assuring you of our prayers for the everlasting enhancement of your wellbeing,

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Welde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God


Email from TekleMariam:
I have got your books except "EtioPyawiw beMann'nnetu F'llega!" I appreciate your work. We have learned much from you.This is the truth about Ethiopia.
My father! I have one question on the observance of ''Senbet". Meche new Senbet? Q'damit weis Ehud? Weyis, huletunim Senbet bilen ennakebrallen?
Our Response to the Email from TekleMariam:-
Thank you for the kind words concerning my books.
Please, address me as "servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God", and as such, as your servant in The Holy Covenant, and not as "your father", since our Mutual and Eternal "Father" is God, according to The Teaching of Our Master Lord Jesus Christ Whose Word we have to abide by also in this regard. (Matt. 23/8-11.)
I am glad you read most of my books except "EtioPiawiw beMann'nnetu F'llega!" which seems to be out of print. Since it is pending for a reprint, I hope it will be available then and there in Ethiopia.
As to your question pertaining to our observance of The Sabath, here is a brief answer: We have ONE and only ONE SENBET, that is, QEDAMIT SENBET, which even Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself observed by resting in His Tomb. We do not have two Senbets.
IHUD designated as "SENBETE-KRISTIAN", is simply the Extension or the Perpetuation of the ONE and SAME EVERLASTING SENBET in which we are living EVEN now through the FIRST SPIRITUAL RESURRECTION that continues to remain SENBET FOREVER thereafter following the Final RESURRECTION.
For detailed explanation on this subject, you need to look for and peruse the materials posted on our website including those in the Q & A Forum.

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Welde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

Email from Fasika:
I admire you because of the books you had written; and I looked for the other books you published: "Ethiopiawiw beMann'nnetu F'llega!" and "Addam inna Hewan be'Ethiopia!" Where can I get these books?
Our Response to the Email from Fasika:-
Thank you for your compliments concerning my books.
I am glad you are familiar with my books. "EtioPiawiw beMann'nnetu F'llega!" seems to be out of print, and is pending for reprint. So also is "Addam inna Hewan: be'EtioPia!" in the process of publication. I hope both books will be available for readers in the near future in Ethiopia as well as elsewhere.

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Welde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

Email from Lijalem:
Halo! All Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido followers and faithful of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God services!
I think if you are providing services in the Name of God, then how are we to participate in this mahiber? Degmos, lemin yebelleTe agelgilot bemulu lehizb atiseTum, attaddersum?

Our Response to the Email from Lijalem:-
We appreciate your recommendations for extension of activities of our Services to the public and your expressed willingness to participate in the Services we are rendering currently to Our Beloved Mother-Country Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, Who is personified by Our Holy Mother of God, The Virgin Mary.
However, we rejoice to let you know that there will come The Day when The Kingdom of God literally and physically reveals Itself to the whole world. That is the TIME when Our God of The Holy Covenant Jesus Christ Our Priestly-King and His Holy Queen Mother The Virgin Mary bring us all together to live The Eternal Divine Life even now in this world and to enable us to serve collectively The Divine Purpose of The Holy Covenant that Ethiopia and Ethiopians stand for from the beginning of time to date.
Until then, we have to wait for THAT DAY by leading the THE KIND OF LIFE that True Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant ought to live wherever they reside individually or as a family or as a society engaged in any kind of work that is inherently and vocationally assigned to each one of them by the Gift of God.
Also, please recognize the TRUTH about OUR ENTITY AND IDENTITY AS ETHIOPIA: THE KINGDOM OF GOD that comprises THE THREE HOUSES OF THE PEOPLE, OF THE GOVERNMENT AND OF THE CHURCH that adhere to THE TEWAHDO FAITH OF THE HOLY COVENANT and whose age spans for a period of 7503 years. We are not the so-called present hierarchy of the clergy that identifies itself as "Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church" which is actually and historically a branch of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church in Ethiopia. For detailed explanation of this subject, you need to refer to the books and materials, including especially those in the Q & A Forum, posted on our website.

Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God
Email from Bekele:
I've read all your books posted on your website, with the exception of "Ethiopiawiw beMann'nnetu F'llega". I'm looking for this book in various book stores. In the near future, I'll hopefully read this particular book and hence all the books posted in your website, as you've advised everyone interested on knowing the Truth should do.
N'bure-Id, I'm very happy and extremely thankful to God for passing onto me all the knowledge accumulated in all your books about Ethiopia and being an Ethiopian. I also admire the clarity of your language and the manner in which the message was conveyed. I've learned a great deal from all your books, something I never had the chance of knowing or realizing.
Now, I want to put myself in this new path with the help of God. The first thing I believe I should have or do is get myself a Memih're Nisiha or a Spiritual Father, if I may say. I don't have a spiritual father all this year. How do I choose one? Do I choose from our Church that currently exists? Will that be ok? I know I should first confess all my sins to our Lord Jesus Christ, then go and talk to a Spiritual Father. Since I don't have a spiritual father and since I need guidance in this particular issue, whom do I talk to?
N'bure-Id, is it possible for me to meet you face to face, if you're in Addis and talk to you about this and other issues? I hope to hear from you soon. May God be with all of us!

Our Response to the Email from Bekele:-
Thank you for your recent email that carries generous compliments relating to my books.
I am glad you read most of my books except "EtioPiawiw beMann'nnetu F'llega!" which seems to be out of print. Since it is pending for a reprint. I hope it will be available along with other similar publications, such as "Addam inna Hewan be'EtioPia!" in the near future in Ethiopia and elsewhere. I felt particular joy and contentment to learn from you that you benefited from the Divine Messages conveyed through my books bringing about a new inspiration and a positive transformation in your life.
With regard to your question about your need to acquire Mem'h're-N'ss'ha (spiritual father) for yourself, I can neither advise you to look for nor recommend to you an individual cleric within the present hierarchy of the Church. Nowadays, no one would seem to prove to be truly eligible, competent and reliable to assume any responsibility to discharge such sacred duty of the priesthood. It is humanly untenable at the present time and under the current state of affairs within the Three Integral Houses of the People, of the Government and of the Priesthood of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God to approach and discuss this matter in a manner conducive to the Faith as well as to the Faithful.
This is because all members and officials of the above-mentioned Houses, including more importantly that of the Priesthood, had betrayed The Incarnate God Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother The Virgin Mary by acts of public defilement of the Holy Covenant. Such acts committed on the Divine Sovereigns by the Clergy individually as well as collectively amounted to a grave sin that resulted in the excommunication of the whole clergy from the lowest rank of the priesthood up to that of the highest of the bishopric by the Divine Authority. This adverse situation in turn brought about the susequent blow of the ensuing deprivation of the priestly power bestowed upon the clergy through The Holy Sacrament of The Eternal Covenant.
Under the circumstances, the only option that remains for you to utilize is to rely faithfully and persevere prayerfully on the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit as well as on the counsel and consolation of the Eternal Confessor Jesus Christ. For more explanation on this issue, you will find pertinent materials in the different forums of our website in addition to our published books.

On my part, in my capacity as a servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God in the Holy Covenant, I am willing to serve you as much as I could in providing you from within and from without of Ethiopia with such advices that pertain to your requirements in this aspect. Please be assured that I am also glad to see you face to face and talk to you personally when I am back to Ethiopia.

N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Welde-Yesus,
Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

Email Response to a critical and universal question transmitted through the Talkshow media of Oprah Winfrey:
I am Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God.
I write to reveal to you and to your audiences the ANSWER in the Divine Truth to that prevalent and crucial question of "who am I?". The pursuit to discover YOUR TRUE SELF with the aim to help others to achieve the same goal predominates your shows.
Here is the ANSWER that remained hidden and preserved in the Ethiopian Divine Heritage for millenniums, always ready and available throughout all ages to this day for the whole human generations to benefit from. Whenever and wherever there is the real need and the genuine will to recieve it, it presents itself there all the time to be offered to every individual person who possesses the natural gift of a common sense, finally to gratify the universal, inherent and unremitting human quest. The answer is summed up in the following terms:
You and your likes as long as you remain faithful to your True Spiritual SELF will find yourselves Living Embodiments of The Divine Truth. Your SELF is A LIVING ENTITY created in the IMAGE of the Creator, and born from Him and crowned as His heir to enjoy and minister His eternal Kingdom that reigns on Earth and in Heavens. As such, you think, speak, do and live like HIM by truly knowing and freely making your own choice of the Good from the Evil in a perfect universe prepared by Him for your existence.
The source of all problems and tragedies experienced by humanity in general and by the individual in particular, is simply THE UNWILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT OR THE PERVERSION OF SUCH INHERENT HUMAN STATUS OF DIVINITY by the same.
The details of The Divine Truth is conveyed in my book entitled Ethiopia: The Classic Case. This book is small in size, but carries a unique and infinite Message to be delivered to the generation that you, as an innocent medium of the Divine Truth, currently serve so wholeheartedly and effectively.
I am glad to mail the aforementioned book to you as a gift provided that you inform me the access through which I can manage to send it and you want to receive it. There is also the option to order the same through our website, www.ethkogserv.org if you wish to do so.


First Email from Z-A:
Inkwan adderresach'hoo!





Our Response to the FIRST Email from Z-A :-
Thank you for your message of "Happy Independence Day!" with all its enclosures.
Please let me avail myself of this opportunity to remind you of the Divine Reality that we Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant, as Children of God and as Eternal Sovereign Members of The Kingdom of God remain always Free and Independent throughout our existence that spans an age of 7503 years to this day. Thus, we are literally in constant celebration of our Everlasting Divine Life of Freedom and Independence, i.e., we celebrate the same not only once a year, but on daily basis, without any interruption.
Second Email from Z-A:
Thank you for the correction. That was a very serious mistake. I will now contact others I have emailed with the same message to make sure they are aware of my error in using the word INDEPENDENCE. Maybe the word LIBERATION? May I circulate the correction you have kindly given me or should I keep it private?

Sir, Please know that my spiritual knowledge is still as a sapling...inchich..But like the time under Fasscist Italia occupation the time now under this Woyane occupation DOES NOT FEEL like anything less than bondage, slavery and colonisation. What do you say to that? Are these dreadful 40 or so years all part of the YE MIHRET KITTAT that you mentioned before? What is the right word to use for the ups and downs our people continue to suffer including myself?????? Please let me know more how I should see these terrible times when you have time.

Our Response to the Second Email from Z-A:-
You are perfectly at liberty to circulate the elucidation I gave you in my previous response with regard to your message of "Independence Day". (I preferred to use "elucidation" rather than "correction.") There is nothing private in our correspondence concerning this subject. Dealing with anything that pertains to The Divine always constitutes revelation, i.e., the privilege to bring matters to light, as God did of His Work and even of Himself.

The term "Liberation", just like that of "Independence", could not be applicable in this context to the case of Faithful Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant.

There is no such imposition labelled as "Fascist Italian or Woyane occupation, bondage, slavery or colonization" that relate to or maintain any exertion on True Ethiopia and Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant who enjoy a perfect and eternal life in the Faith of the Domain of The Kingdom of God, as explained in my earlier response.

The aforementioned designations are assigned only to those (so-called Ethiopians as well as aliens) who denied The Holy Covenant that God made with humanity in general and with Ethiopians in particular. The sufferings that inflicted and continue to inflict both the former and the latter in the past and at present are invariably at worst devastating chastisements and at best "YeM'hret Q'Tatoch".

Quoting from you, "The right word to use for the ups and downs our people continue to suffer including myself??????" is IMPENITENCE. If you would allow me to elaborate the significance and relevance of the word to the case in question, here it is: HUMAN INTRANSIGENCE (THAT INCLUDES THE CONTEMPORARY ETHIOPIAN GENERATION) TO HEED TO GOD'S CONTINUOUS CALL FOR REPENTANCE. And this Merciful Divine Call still remains unheeded by humans in general and by Ethiopian generations in particular for more than two milleniums and three years to the present.

You will realize the effectiveness of this TRUTH if and when you yourself, in your individual personal capacity, either decide to continue to remain defiant to the Divine Call or, discarding any ambivalence that may loom within yourself, to react positively to the same by utilizing just for an instant your God-given inherent willpower.

Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

Email from P. Bluemel:-
I lived in Ethiopia for twelve years and now I teach about it. I do workshops, lectures and I write about it. I am curious what church are you aligned with, the orthodox or catholic? And what book, in english, do you recommed that outlines the essence you are teaching about Ethiopia?
Our Response to the Email from P. Bluemel:-
It is interesting for us to know the kind of work you are doing in pursuance of the life you experienced in Ethiopia and which concerns the same.
We are neither Orthodox nor Catholic. We are Ethiopia of the Holy Covenant that precede both the Orthodox and the Catholics in milleniums and tracing our heritage back to the time of Adam and Eve, with a span of existence that extends for an age of 7,5002 years todate. We are Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God that integrates the Three Houses of the People (the main body), and of the Priesthood (the Branch serving the Spiritual Need of the People = the Church) and of the Administration (the Branch serving the Physical Need of the People = the Government).
Ethiopia: The Classic Case would be the English version of our publications that is available for us to recommend to you to read. You can order it from the Book Section of our web site. This book as well as materials posted on our web site, especially in the forum of Q&A, elaborate and provide you with the necessary information on the aforementioned subject matter.
First Email from Yash Kanda.ets':-
Greetings in Yesus Kristos from Alaska!

I have recently come across your website, and I feel as if I was guided there by the Holy Spirit; the ideas and truths contained therein have spoken to my heart and soul like a warm breeze in the midst our cold Alaskan autumn!
I am an Indigenous Alaska Native from the Tlingit, Aleut, and Ahtna Tribes and I have recently come out of the Russian Orthodox Church. I left the Russian Church for many of the reasons you left the "Orthodox" church in Ethiopia. The Russian Orthodox Church had always been a colonial church, brought here during the period of Russian colonialism and imperialism in Alaska, and forced upon my ancestors as part of the colonial project. American Protestantism was also brought here and forced upon our people as a part of American colonial aggression as well.
As an Indigenous Man who has always known that Yesus Kristos is the "repairer of the breach" between Man and God, I have searched and searched, in vain for an indigenous expression of my Faith…until now.
From the time of my youth, I have been a spiritual pilgrim, passing through the Rastafarian movement (Twelve Tribes organization), my own Alaska Native tribal religions, and the Russian Orthodox Church, but I have always felt that something was missing.
I have done extensive studying and research into both the Holy Scriptures and other writings like the Kebra Negast (I hope, being able to separate the wheat from the chaff in this), and I always knew there was something special about Ethiopia. The Hebraic elements in the True Tewah'do Faith that exist nowhere else on earth, the presence of God's Holy Ark, and existence of the Solomonic and Israelite bloodlines are all huge clues to the truth that Ethiopia is the True Holy land (and People!). Part of my mother's family are "Jews" from Eastern Europe, so I have always been receptive to the Hebraic aspects of any spiritual reality.
I will be ordering Ethiopia: The Classic Case in the next few days, and I have read almost all of the Q&A sections of your website…I have been knocked to the ground like Paul on his way to Damascus! The Truths you point out have turned my entire spiritual reality upside down and have shaken me to the core…
In many ways, your ideas are similar to those of the Russian Old Believers who left the institutional church when it became a puppet of the Greeks in the 17th century; the major difference being that the Russian Old Believers do not have the crucial understanding that Ethiopia and the Ethiopians are the True Source of Faith in Yesus Kristos that extends back to Adam!
I do not read Amharic or Ge'ez, but I would like to continue studying; prayer is very important to me, and I would like to continue my prayer life. Are there any materials in English that could help me learn more about True Tewah'do prayer and teachings?
After reading about the reality of Ham, Shem, and Japheth on your website, I feel completely confident saying and believing that I am also an Ethiopian…what an honor and a privilege!

Our Response to the First Email from Yash Kanda.ets':-
Welcoming your kind words, we would like to reciprocate in extending our Ethiopian Greetings to you in the Names of The Incarnate God Yesus Krstos and His Holy Mother The Virgin Mary!
Thank you for your recent email replete with compliments and revelations of the Divine Truth. We rejoiced to read the following excerpt from your own final remark in which you pronounced your assertion of how you came to "feel completely confident saying and believing that I am also an Ethiopian…what an honor and a privilege!"
We Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant always believe that the Divine Cause which we enjoy living, pusuing and serving is incessantly and pervasively guided by the Grace of The Holy Spirit. This Truth is once again revealed in your present case as confirmed therein, to quote from your own statement: "I have recently come across your website, and I feel as if I was guided there by the Holy Spirit." We praise The Lord for His continuous and prevailing omniprecence, involvement and guidance in our individual and collective lives, as witnessed in the aforementioned situation of yours.
In accordance to your proposition, we look forward to sending you, as soon as we receive your order, our publication entitled Ethiopia: The Classic Case from which you will have an enlightening insight about The Divine Truth concerning Ethiopia and Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant. The relevant books, so far published only in Ethiopic (Amharic) and posted on our website, including some from our selected Ge'ez Manuscripts, are in the process of being translated into English. We hope few may be available in the near future, at which time you will certainly benefit from the outcome.
We trust that your current achievement is the demonstration of the final success of the search for the Divine Truth of God's Plan to Humanity in general and to individuals like you in particular, and continue to pray for the consolidation of the sweet and everlasting fruit of your Faith.

Second Email from Yash Kanda.ets':-
It is with great joy that I have received your response!
I have ordered Ethiopia: The Classic Case today via Paypal.
My English name is Sorrel, and Moses is my Baptismal Name (for St. Moses the Ethiopian), and Yashkanda.ets' is my Tlingit clan name (Raven/Dog Salmon Clan).
I look forward to your Ethiopic titles being translated into English, as their publication will continue to open people's eyes, hearts, and minds to the truth...I will continue to study and pray.
I have located the prayers to the Lord and to the Holy Mother of God on your website and will integrate these into my daily prayers!

Our Response to the Second Email from Yash Kanda.ets':-
We thank you for your last email that brought us the good news of the inclusion of our two consummate universal Prayers in those of yours.
Please be informed that a copy of our book Ethiopia: The Classic Case is already dispatched by priority mail to the postal address you provided in the order we received.

With the Blessings of The Holy Covenant,

The Servant of Erhiopia: The Kingdom of God.


First Email from Emilie:-
1) Is your Church the same Church that the Church of Atse Kedamawi Haile Selassie? Is your Church the same Church that the Church of Abuna Yesehaq Mandefro who was sent in the western hemisphere by His Majesty?
2) Who is your patriarch? Where are your bishops, deacons, priests? Where are your places of gathering for the cult?

Our Response to the First Email from Emilie:-
Here are the answers to the questions presented in the aforementioned:
1. Yes, our Church is the one that anointed Atsie Haile-Sellassie. She is the same Church that sent Abba La'ike-Mariam Mandefro (the late Archbishop Y's'haq) to the western hemisphere. Our Ethiopian Church that identifies Herself as "Tewahdo" and designated as "the House of the Priesthood", is one of the two integral parts that emanate from the House of the People, the other one being the House of the Administration (the Government).
But it is not the so-called Ethiopian Orthodox Tewah'do Church that finally and openly violated and defiled the Holy Covenant by collaborating with the atheist (communist or socialist) military junta called "Derg". And it is not the present hierarchical one that maintains the status quo with the current regime. Also, it is not the one that recognizes itself to be a branch of the Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox) Church in Ethiopia.
2. As such and under the present circumstances, and until the Elects of the Three Houses, namely, those of the People, of the Priesthood and of the Administration of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God under the Atsie -the prime "Elect of God"- are officially revealed at the appointed time, our Priestly King The Incarnate God Jesus Christ along with our Maternal Queen, The Holy Mother of God The Virgin Mary, remains our High Priest (Patriarch).
And all the Children of Ethiopia in The Holy Covenant, male and female, who were anointed at their Baptismal Sacrament, are Priests and Civil Servants of the Divine Kingdom, discharging their individual and collective duties and responsibilities through the Holy Spirit from wherever they reside and in whatever occupation they are engaged. Thus they transform themselves into the Living Ark of The Covenant and render their homes and other available facilities of premises as the Sanctuaries of The Holy Spirit and using their personal vocations as means of Services to God.
Second Email from Emilie:-
I let you know that I received, yesterday, your book "Ethiopia: The Classic Case."
I began to read it; and I would like to ask you if, when I would have finished reading it completely, you would agree to answer some questions on some points in the book.
Our Response to the Second Email from Emilie:-
I am happy to answer any question that pertains to the Message of the book, as well as to the Divine Truth about Ethiopia and Ethiopianness of the Holy Covenant.
However, before presenting any question to me, I would highly recommend that you initially peruse the materials that are posted on our website, especially those included in the Faith and Q & A Forums, since numerous relevant issues raised in the book are discussed in details therein. Such measure will certainly save your precious time as well as mine.

N'bure-Id Ermias K. WoldeYesus, Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God

Third Email from Emilie:-
Selam, N'bure-Id Ermias:
Yes, I already visited your website, but I did not see the answers to my [following] questions.
Here are my questions :
1. At the beginning of your book, you quoted two passages of the holy scriptures, Matthew 12: 42 and Revelation 10: 1 - 11. What did you mean when you quoted these two passages ? Can you explain to me a little more in detail ? I try to understand the idea which is behind.
2. Page 25, there is quotation of the Prophet Jeremiah, chapter 31 vs 31 - 34, and you are referring this passage in touch with Ethiopia / Ethiopianism. How this passage can firstly aim Ethiopia and the Ethiopians, since the passage mentions only the house of Israel and the house of Judah, that is, the offspring of Jacob?
3. Why God chose the Hebrews, set them apart, gave them the Law and the Prophets, gave them the Saviour growing among their people ? Why to have chosen another people ? Why not to have started that among the Ethiopian people?
4. Why the ( Ethiopian ? ) tradition says that one of the three Wise Men was an Ethiopian King, King Bazen, also known as King Jasper?
5. You said in your book that, after Christ's birth, the accession to the throne of Ethiopia is not any more with regard to the lineage. I know that you do not accept the book of Kebra Negast, but why the Kebra Negast says in a categorical way that Zagwe's kings are usurpers because they are not Israelites, because they are not of the Solomonic dynasty?
6. What is exact translation in English of the Imperial and National motto? Is it " The lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed ( or conquered ) " or " Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah " ? I saw that you mention the second in your book as being the motto, but I ask for this because I saw the sentence " The lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed ( or conquered ) " attached above the name of the Emperor, used as the Imperial motto ( not as title ). Also, I sometimes saw the sentence " Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah" attached above the name of the Emperor, also used as the motto. Are there two ways to translate the motto?
Examples :
"The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed. Menelik II, Elect of God, King of Kings of Ethiopia."
May it reach Dejazmatch Yelma. How are you ? Thanks be to God, I am well.
( Autobiography of Haile Selassie I chapter 1, translated by Edward Ullendorf )

"The Lion of Judah has prevailed. Haile Selassie I Elect of God, King of Kings of Ethiopia."
People of Our country of Ethiopia ! ... etc ( Autobiography of Haile Selassie I chapter 41, translated by Edward Ullendorf )
"Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, Haile Selassie I, Elect of God, Emperor of Ethiopia." ( Preface of the Fetha Negast, translated from the Ge'ez by Abba Paulos Tzadua, & edited by Peter L. Strauss : Faculty of Law Haile Selassie I University )

7. How I who live on an island, in the archipelago of Mascareignes ( Mascaregnas ), to the east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, among a people immersed into the religious confusion ( Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, African animist beliefs ), I can learn and educate me in true Ethiopianism, and participate in the sacraments of the Church ? Where do I have to go ?

I found your book very educational and enlightening about biblical Ethiopia, which is a treasure in the hands of God. Thank you. Do not feel yourself hurried because of me, but answer me when you have a time ...

Our Response to the Third Email from Emilie:-
Thank you for the compliments you expressed in your series of emails.
I apologize for the delay of my response caused by the heavy schedule of our services which you understood and allowed me in your own words "not to feel hurried because of me, but answer me when you have a time ..."
The answers to your questions presented in the aforementioned are as follows:
1. The details of the two passages quoted from the Holy Scriptures in your email: Matthew 12: 42 and Revelation 10: 1 - 11, are explained sufficiently in the pertinent chapters of the book, Ethiopia: The Classic Case.
Here, the same details could be presented in the following concise sentence: Both passages relate respectively therein about Ethiopia who is personified by the Queen of the South, and about the aforementioned book in which the symbols of the Rainbow and the Lion are significantly portrayed in the Divine Seal of Ethiopia as the Ethiopian Banner (National Flag) and Jesus Christ.
2. The True House of Israel and the True House of Judah finally and eternally turned out to be identified as Ethiopia and Ethiopians. This assertion is not a bare statement, but Divine Truth based on the multitude of realities that authenticated the same which could be epitomized by the following words:-
While the unbelieving so-called "House of Israel and House of Judah" (the Jews) denied even to this day the Old Testament Ark of the Holy Covenant and the New Testament Living Arks of the Holy Covenant, Ethiopians accepted the former in Faith and Her ultimate Shrine remained to be the Land of Ethiopia where She prophetically was transferred back, and Who became the Living Virgin Mary, the Mother of The Son of God, Jesus Christ.
It is a well known fact that such Divine Phenomenon resulted from the famous pilgrimage of Makkedda (Queen of the South or Sheba) to Jerusalem and Her inspired meeting with King Solomon, son of King David. That Divinely-arranged relationship brought forth the Covenantal Seed, Menelik the First, whose ultimate offspring, The Virgin Mary, bore the Priestly King and the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ, Whom the Jews crucified and killed, but Whom the Ethiopians accepted and recognized as their Incarnate God, Saviour and Eternal Priestly King - a criteria that made Ethiopians the True Israelites and Judians (Jews) once and for all. (Matt. 12/42. Rom.2/25-29; 9/6-8.)
3. The Hebrews were chosen by God from among the Gentiles because of their Patriarch Abraham, who was himself a worshipper of idols called Abram, but an ardent seeker of The True God. His passionate desire to look for and find the latter brought him to MelchiZedeq the Ethiopian, who was then the only faithful believer, worshipper and priest of the Most High God, and Founder and Righteous King of Jerusalem, and who taught and converted (Ethiopianized) Abraham into the Faith of God of the Holy Covenant.
Though the Hebrews were chosen and treated by God as such, they remained always rebellious, apostate and lost people, because of their denial of the Covenant that God made with their Patriarchs: Abraham, Yis'haq and Jacob. Jesus Christ, the Ethiopian and the True and Eternal MelchiZedeq, born of His Ethiopian Mother, The Virgin Mary, came to save them (the Hebrews) pursuant to the binding Covenant aforementioned; and He did save them, which benevolence the Jews regrettably rejected to their detriment. (Gen. 14/18-20. Heb. 5/6-10; 7/1-28. Matt. 10/5-7.)
4. All this time, the Ethiopians maintained their faithful relationship with their God of The Holy Covenant, like the eldest son of the merciful father, a resemblance of The Heavenly Father in that parable that Our Lord Jesus Christ related to His Disciples, the younger prodigal son being the prototype of the Hebrews. So, God had nothing to start with the Ethiopians, except with Hebrews whose origin was paganism and who always proved to betray Him from the beginning to the last. (Luk. 15/11-32.)
5. The whole ordeal undertaken by Jesus Christ was the final and everlasting recurrence of the Divine Act of Redemption that was carried out previously by Moses, the Ethiopianized Hebrew.
Moses came to Ethiopia as an exile, lived there, and, following the footsteps of his Ethiopianized ancestor and predecessor Abraham by MelchiZedeq, learned from the Ethiopian Priest Jethro about God and Ethiopianhood, i.e. the Faith, Worship and Kingdom of God, married an Ethiopian wife Zippora, daughter of the same Priest, and begotten two sons from her, and remained united with her to the last, despite the conspiratorial and aggressive opposition of the Hebrews including his brother Aaron and sister Miriam who was chastised by Divine Retribution for their sinful act.
6. The Law (the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments) given to the Hebrews by God in the hands of Moses was the result of their unbelief, idol worshiping tendency and a rejection of the worship of God "in Truth and Spirit", stipulated for them in the Ark of the Covenant henceforth to refrain from, but which they continued in a more aggravated momentum, as described in the Book of Exodus and elsewhere.
In the same way, the Prophets were indispensably needed to be sent to these same rebellious people in order to help bring them to their senses and made them to repent from their sins of apostasy, blasphemy and recalcitrant behaviour, as the Bible openly relates.
7. This is in stark contradiction to the position of the Ethiopians who remain trustworthy believers and worshippers of The One Covenantal God in Trinity from the beginning of their existence, i.e., from the time of Adam and Eve to this day, with the Ten Commandments inscribed, like the rest of humanity, primarily by the Creator's gift of human nature on their soul and flesh, finally to culminate by their spiritual birth from God through Baptism: with the Sacred Water and the Holy Spirit sealed by the anointing of the Holy Oil.
As such, Ethiopians were initially preferred and elected by God to be the Custodians, and Ethiopia, to be the Resting Place for the Ark of the Covenant that was rejected by the Hebrews and the former (Ethiopians) were finally designated by the Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ as "those who have not seen and yet have believed."
The exaltation of the Ethiopians in the Eyes of God that was articulated by the pronouncement of Prophet Amos: "Children of Israel! Ye are not as children of Ethiopia unto me," is another affirmation of the aforementioned truth and again stands in stark contradiction to the wickedness and cruelity of the Hebrews perpetrated upon the life and body of Jesus Christ to the extent of not only rejecting Him but executing Him by crucifixion. (Jn. 20/29. Am. 9/7.)
8. The answer to both your questions concerning the so-called "( Ethiopian?) tradition that says one of the three Wise Men was an Ethiopian King, King Bazen, also known as King Jasper," and "why the Kebra Negast says in a categorical way that Zagwe's kings are usurpers because they are not Israelites, because they are not of the Solomonic dynasty?" in contradiction to my assertion in my book that says, "after Christ's birth, the accession to the throne of Ethiopia is not any more with regard to the lineage." is simple:
Both the above accounts are another sinister misconceptions and distortions applied by Egyptian Orthodox Church and her accomplices in an effort to subvert and undermine the Divine Truth and Works that pertain to Ethiopia, Ethiopians and Ethiopianness. The conspiracy and secret pact made against the latter between the supporters of the humanly perpetuated solomonic dynasty and the Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox) Church amounted to denial of the Holy Covenant, and, as a consequence proved to bring about, as the whole world witnesses, the Divine Justice rendered upon the person of Atsie Haile-Sellassie and his regime to the extent of their demise together with their harvest of unworthy generation and its achievements.
9. As to your question that relates to the exact translation in English of the National motto of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God and which reads in Ge'ez "Mo'a Anbessa ze'imNegede Y'huda!", this is what we say:
There cannot be two ways to translate the motto. Translations could never be perfect: They may nearly resemble the original text to convey the meaning of the same. We rely on and use only the original Ge'ez Text. We do not have, until now, an accepted standard translation of the motto either in English or in any other language including even the Ethiopic (Amharic). This factor would remain one of those important issues to be authoritatively decided upon at the future appropriate time.
10. Finally, we respond to your personal pleadings in the following terms: We, Ethiopians of the Holy Covenant, believe that it is God The Holy Spirit Himself that teaches, i. e., provides with the True Knowledge of Ethiopianism, or any other Divine Enlightenment, all humans, individually as well as collectively, as long as they remain naturally faithful to Him, as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.
So, you need to keep on praying and look fervently for such Divine Grace through your True Belief in The Holy Covenant as described in the Creed and Testimonial of our Faith, and Prayers of Praise to Our Lord God and of Salutation to Our Lady The Virgin Mary, posted in the Forum of Faith of our website. You will find yourself the beneficiary of this Divine Grace through the attainment of The Knowledge and Life in the Holy Covenant. (Jer. 31/31-34. Jn. 6/45. Heb. 8/8-12.)
In order to bring about our salvation and well-being to the climax, God had acted and continues to act as The Father and as The Son and as The Holy Spirit, and already made available, once and for all, all that is necessary for our physical, mental (of the soul) and spiritual needs. You need not ask or wait for anything else but to live the Life of the First Resurrection that we Ethiopians, Sons and Daughters of God in The Holy Covenant, are graciously and plentifully provided with by God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit, just like and even more than the air we breathe in and out, the sun we bask in, the water we are abundantly nourished with and the earth we tread and feed upon freely. (Rev. 20/1-15.)
To attain such status, you are at liberty to make your own choice: Believe and make yourself the Living Tablet and Ark of the Holy Covenant: You will then become the Altar, Sanctuary, Temple, Church and Kingdom of God. You will become the Son/Daughter, Priest/Priestess, King/Queen of God.
You will be fully competent to serve, in your priestly kingship/queenship capacity that you are endowed with because of MelchiZedeq's Covenant, not only yourself, but also your family and others anywhere and everywhere: Your home or the home of other faithful believers or any premise will suffice to serve you as a Church if the need arises and requires.
And you who henceforth "seek first The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness," will neither need to pray nor even to wait for the unexpected multiple replenishment of the GOOD, but "All these things that the Gentiles seek shall be added to you, for, Your Heavenly Father knows that you need all these things even before you ask Him." (Matt. 6/8, 32-33.)

Wish you in prayer all the best, especially the inspiration and guidance of the all-pervasive, omni-potent and omni-present Holy Spirit.

N'bure-Id Ermias K. WoldeYesus, Servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God


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