To reveal the truth about Ethiopia's entity as the Kingdom of God and Ethiopians' identity as the People of the Holy Covenant with God; and so, to safeguard and promote all that pertains to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.


to the letter written by a Servant of
Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God
on September 16, 2010
addressed to the President of U. S. A.

The letter referred to in the above heading still appears on the home page of our website. Recently, we got the reply for it and deemed it appropriate to have it posted hereunder alongside with its counterpart.
Though the response was received postmarked 14 March 2011 showing the lapse of several months after the letter was mailed, and few months after it was published, the significance of the measure taken by the incumbent of The White House to the effect of positively reacting to the same, renders that action quite significant and unique from those of his two predecessors, namely, Presidents Bill Clinton and W. Bush. Both the latter dignitaries received similar correspondences, but strangely enough, neither answered nor even bothered to instruct one of their corresponding clerks to send the author a written acknowledgement of receipt thereof.
Now, we gladly undertook to disclose to our readers, as presented in the following page, the image of the response, carrying the hand written signatures of both Their Excellencies President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama, and mailed to us through our postal address.
We did this part of our commitment with a sense of great appreciation and gratitude to the esteemed sovereign couple with august privilege and supreme power for the goodwill they manifested in the gesture they had initiated through their written response, though brief but replete with compliments.

Once again, our prayerful best wishes for the First Family and for the whole nation of U.S.A. are extended with the same sentiment expressed in the poem entitled: Thank You America.


December 16, 2010

His Excellency Mr. Barack Obama
President of the United States of America
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. U.S.A.



Greetings in the Names of
The Incarnate God Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother The Virgin Mary!

Your Excellency:

I am a servant of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God. I write to kindly remind you of The Divine Truth that we, in this service, do believe that God The Holy Spirit, through the voice of the people, had elected and appointed you to the highest and powerful office. So also do we believe that it is He Who continues to provide you, along with your family and officials, the strength and protection to discharge your duties and responsibilities as the Head of State and the Supreme Executive of your great country and as the Leader of world superpowers.

In the face of today's precarious and explosive world situation, needless to say that your unwavering faithfulness to Him and your confidence in Him ought to remain truly firm and strong to the last in order for you to succeed in your national and international commitments. I sincerely hope that you had realized long ago that you needed Him desperately; and He is there in you, inspiring and guiding you to do all the good things as He had done so far to you and your family. The fruit of your faith in Him bears that witness.

Under such circumstances, no doubt you will never succumb to any physical, mental and spiritual forces that are embodied in the martial and financial, political and religious establishments of evil nature, but prevail in all your positive ventures.



To Alert Our English Readers

The following is an article that we received recently by email and the commentary we gave in response to it. We found both to be exceptionally interesting and challenging, quite relevant and of special significance to the present situation of Messianic Ethiopia and Her Living Generation.
Even if the article and our response are included in the last input of our website Q & A Forum, we decided to post them on our Home Page for our readers to review them with close scrutiny and greater attention. In our judgment, we believed they deserve such wider exposure and additional highlight.

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Dear sons/daughters
  His Exellency Mr. George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. U.S.A.

September 20, 2001

Your Excellency:

First of all, I humbly and solemnly ask you to accept my condolences for that multitude of families who lost their loved ones in the recent terrorist brutalities. Then, I extend to you, the First Lady and your family, as well as to your great people, Ethiopian New Year Greetings of the 1994 Era of Divine Mercy from Addis Ababa , Ethiopia , in the Names of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother, The Virgin Mary.

We thank God for keeping you and your beloved ones safe after the horrendous act of "terrorism" that took place in both Washington DC and New York City . As every humane person in the world felt, my family and I were shocked by the terrifying news of the calamity that reached us from USA in the middle of our New Year's Celebrations in Ethiopia . We were stunned by the fact that the two events, though far apart and unlike, both were ordained to coincide on your September 11, and on Ethiopian 1st day of the New Year, Meskerem 1, 1994. This date bears prophetic significance based on Biblical Covenants which verify the precise chronology of the Divine Cycle of Seven Years that remains before the end of the Millennium of the Biblical (Ethiopian) Calendar.
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