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በፌስ-ቡክ መድረካችን ላይ በሐምሌ ወር፥ ፳፻፰ ዓ. ም. ለቀረበ አስተያየት፡ ከኢእመ የተሰጠ መልስ። ፭ኛ።

ከእኔነቴ እውነቱ፦
     Ethiopian Greetings! I hope Ato Tewodros Hunachew can easily get the message conveyed here in this video about the so called "Orthodox" Christian Religions of the East where the Ethiopian Orthodox Church associates Itself with:

ከኢእመ መልስ፦
     ይድረስ፦ ለአቶ/ወይዘ. እኔነቴ እውነቱ፦
     In The Names of Our Heavenly Father and Mother, we extend our Ethiopian Greetings to you!
     Thank you for your message that addresses and refers to the subjectmatter raised by Ato Tewodros Hunachew. We truly appreciate your concern and contribution to enlighten the latter by presenting to him an effective means of information which would help him dispel the ignorance and misapprehension that pervade the mind of the same and his likes with regard to Orthodoxy. 

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