Is ‘Ethiopia’ The Kingdom of God?

Yes, Ethiopia is The Kingdom of God. Why? Because Ethiopia and Her children "walk with God" as did Enoch and Noah, which means that they abide by and live upto the Word of God. Their guide in their life is only The Word of God; they hearken only to the Divine Word that speaks within and without them mentally, physically and spiritually. Because they are created in the Image of God, they have the inborn power to know and understand God's Word of Guidance as well as to apply it. While the rest of humanity abandoned or rejected the Word of God, as it did then and ever since the time of Noah, only the children of Ethiopia adhered to it and preserved it to this day whose age spans a period of seven thousand five hundred five years.

The Kingdom of God constitutes the Seven Biblical Covenants that God made with unique personalities whom He found worthy to represent and save humanity. According to the long and living Ethiopian Tradition, there are Seven Covenants, as enshrined in the Scriptures, that God made with humanity ever since Creation.

The first of these Covenants is signified and eternalized by the Matrimony of Adam and Eve; the second, by the Rainbow of Noah; the third, by the Bread and Wine Offering of MelchiZedek; the fourth, by the Circumcision of Abraham; the fifth, by the Ark of Moses; the sixth, by the Throne of David; the seventh and the last, by the Crucified Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary.

Surprisingly, it should be noted here that it is the Children of Ethiopia, i.e., the Ethiopians alone, among all the nations of the world, who, as a people, continued to maintain the living testimonies of all these seven Divine Covenants to date, not the pagans and gentiles, not the Jews, not the Christians, not the Muslims nor others.