Faith English

We, Children of Ethiopia, believe in One God Igziabher, Almighty, Who Possesses All, Maker of the Heavens and Earth, the Visible and the Invisible.

We belive that The One God Igziabher Almighty made His One-ness to become manifest in The Unity and Duality of God The Father-Mother, in Accordance with the Divine Sacrament of Matrimony.

We believe in The Trinity of The One God Igziabher, embodied in The Co-existent and Incarnate Goddess The Mother Virgin Mary, Who is The Throne of The Holy Trinity –God The Almighty, and Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Igziabher.

We, Children of Ethiopia, believe in our Ethiopianhood of the Holy Covenant that embodied and conserved the Seven Divine Covenants GOD Igziabher granted to humanity, men and women.

Our God Igziabher, in the Era of the Genesis, founded the Ethiopian Living Human Entity, primarily, on the Covenant of the Soul of the Male and the Female, through the Matrimony of Adam and Eve. Then, He raised it, through Noah's Rainbow, Melchizedek's Offering and Abraham's Circumcision, to the next stage of its eschatological growth.

Our Father, Mother, Sister, Brother and Spirit, God Igziabher! We thank You, and praise

Our Goddess Mary The Mother and Saviour! With the Words of Greeting of the Angel Saint Gabriel, we Bow to You in Solemn Worship saying, “Hail, O Favoured One!” You are Virgin in Spirit, in Soul and in Body. Because of Your Perfect Chastity, You Became the Mother of the Almighty God Igziabher. And so, You Deserve such Blissful Salutation.

Your Womb Bore the Holy Adam Who is the Sacred Fruit of the Tree of Life. Hence, You are the Holy Eve, the Chosen and the Blessed One among all the women.