Our Goddess Mary The Mother and Saviour! With the Words of Greeting of the Angel Saint Gabriel, we Bow to You in Solemn Worship saying, “Hail, O Favoured One!” You are Virgin in Spirit, in Soul and in Body. Because of Your Perfect Chastity, You Became the Mother of the Almighty God Igziabher. And so, You Deserve such Blissful Salutation.

Your Womb Bore the Holy Adam Who is the Sacred Fruit of the Tree of Life. Hence, You are the Holy Eve, the Chosen and the Blessed One among all the women.

In the early times, the Prophets spoke of You as “Ethiopia Reaches out Her Hands to God Igziabher!”, and we addressed you as ‘Our Mother Zion’. Rejoice, O Our Queen of Heavens and Earth! God Igziabher, through Your Instrumentality Fulfilled His Promise of our Salvation and Granted His Eternal Covenant of Mercy to His Creation. And so, we Always Praise You saying. “You are The Blessed, Full of Grace.”

In the Words of Your God Son, and our God and Peace Jesus Christ, we are Your Sons and Daughters, Commended to Your Maternal Care; and You are our Holy Mother, Entrusted to our Spiritual Dedication. Thus, we believe Your Motherhood that has Never Forsaken Your Beloved God The Son Jesus Christ, So will It Always Be with us.

We thank Our Gracious God Igziabher, the Most High, for His Benevolence of Such Magnitude. World without end, Amen.