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The existence and emergence of Ethiopia , Ethiopians and Ethiopiawinnet (Ethiopianhood) is contemporaneous with Creation. This phenomenon encompasses the whole Ethiopian era of 7498 years of age that extends from the days of Adam and Eve, whom God created in His own Image and Likeness, and at all levels of the individual, familial, communal, national, state and governmental life, right through the present.

The Creator granted to those progenitors of human beings as well as to their offspring the gift of the Universe that He brought forth out of nothing in absolute beauty and in complete perfection, for their benefit and enjoyment, at no cost, and without requiring their involvement or contribution in any way with respect to mental effort or physical labour. He bestowed upon them the Spirit of Goodness and crowned them with the Life of Sovereignty inherently characterized by free will and self-determination, as well as the stewardship to His Creation. Then He sealed the bond of Love He built between them and Himself with a Covenant that He continuously enhanced through parallel acts of benevolence.

However, the Devil, as the chief prosecutor of Evil, launched the execution of the conspiracy he instigated from the beginning to sabotage the Divine Good Work and brought about a breach of obligation to the Covenant on the part of Adam and Eve. The perpetrator committed this sinister offence by resorting to the manipulation of the intrinsic weak propensity of their human nature. As a consequence of their collaboration in the sinful act of infringing upon the Holy Covenant, their eldest son Cain and his descendents with semblance in his disposition and deed, branded as "Children of Humans", became the subservient slaves of the whim of Satan, and were condemned to destruction and death.

Despite this adversity, Adam and Eve repented, and begot, as a price of their repentance, their next son Seth, a substitute to Abel, whom Cain murdered. The descendents of Seth, identified as "Children of God", became the faithful servants of the Divine Will, as exemplified in the unflinching commitment of Noah, Melkizedek, Abraham, Moses and David, to the Holy Covenant that was finally eternalized by Jesus Christ, born of the Ethiopian Virgin Mary. These faithful were accorded with the Divine Life of Perpetuity.

Ethiopia , the Ethiopians and Ethiopiawinnet are singled out in the past, at the present and in the future, from among the human communities on earth, not only as the True Descendents of those faithful Patriarchs, but also as the Custodians and Proponents of the Holy Covenant. Thus, they claim to be the country, the nation and the identity that proved to be qualified for the tenure of the privileges of the Divine Life of Perpetuity. As a result, they acquired the prerogative to declare to the world that no being is capable of challenging, corrupting, abusing, altering, or amending, let alone destroying, the integrity and eternity of the Holy Covenant that was made between God and those personages entitled to be called "His Children", right from its foundation and throughout the eschatological process of its formation to its ultimate completion.

Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services has embarked on a mission of revealing and disseminating this Truth, the Divine Truth about Ethiopia's entity as the Land of God, Ethiopians' identity as the People of the Holy Covenant, and Ethiopiawinnet as the realm over which the Divine Kingdom reigns, and with the objective to safeguard and promote all that pertains to Ethiopia, Ethiopians and Ethiopiawinnet to the multitudes of the present generation of humanity that dominates the face of the earth.

While the entity and functionality of the Services are fully manifest and entirely executed by the person of each and every Ethiopian of the Holy Covenant, the fabrics of its organization as well as the details of its operation are best explained in the books and publications that are available on the web site of the Services herein. We invite you to look into that!