We, Children of Ethiopia, believe in One God Igziabher, Almighty, Who Possesses All, Maker of the Heavens and Earth, the Visible and the Invisible.

We belive that The One God Igziabher Almighty made His One-ness to become manifest in The Unity and Duality of God The Father-Mother, in Accordance with the Divine Sacrament of Matrimony.

We believe in The Trinity of The One God Igziabher, embodied in The Co-existent and Incarnate Goddess The Mother Virgin Mary, Who is The Throne of The Holy Trinity –God The Almighty, and Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Igziabher.

We believe in God The Son, Jesus Christ, One Lord, The Only Begotten Son of God The Father-Mother, Who was with Him before the creation of the world.  He is Light from Light, True God Igziabher from True God Igziabher, Begotten, NOT made, and, in His Divine Essence, EQUAL with His God Father-Mother. All things were Made by Him, and Without Him, Nothing Whatsoever was Made, in Heavens or on Earth.

He Came Down from Heavens for Our Sake, for the Sake of Humanity, and for the Sake of OUR PEACE. He was Incarnate in the Womb of The Holy Virgin Mary with Whom Goddess The Mother is UNITED, for OUR SALVATION, by the preceding Divine Work of God The Holy Spirit, and, God The Son, acquiring the Human Soul, Flesh and Spirit from Her, became the Perfect Man, Jesus Christ.

In the Days of Pontius Pilate, He Suffered, was Crucified, Died and was Buried for Our Sake. He triumphed over Satan who is the father of lie, which is  designated as sin, and of evil, and of death, and of the corruption in the tomb.   And He Rose from the Dead on the Third Day, Ascended in Glory into Heavens and Sat on His Throne of Equal Status at the Right-Hand Side of His God Father-Mother. 

He Came back in His Nature of The Holy Spirit to Bestow upon The Blessed and Consecrated Children of Ethiopia, the First Spiritual Resurrection. And For the Rest of His Creation of all the Worlds that denied Him, He will Come Again in His Resurrected Body and in His Glory to Judge the Living and the Dead.  There is NO END to His Kingdom, ever identified as "Ethiopia".

We believe in God The Holy Spirit.  He is the True and the Life-Giving Spirit Who Proceeds from God The Father-Mother, and Whom, we Worship and Glorify with God The Father-Mother and God The Son. Seated on His Throne of Equal Status at the Left-Hand Side of God The Father-Mother, He Spoke through the Prophets, Descended upon the Apostles and, by the Redeeming Altarage of The Goddess Mother Virgin Mary and the pacifying Atonement of The Crucified God The Son Jesus Christ, Filled the World with His Grace.

We believe in the One Holy Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Igziabher that was founded by the Divine Incarnate Word, God The Son Jesus Christ, initially in the Hearts of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, and later sustained by His Divine Messages through the Prophets, and finally brought to perfection through the Holy Spirit by His convocation of the Apostles;

And where priests offer His Holy Flesh and Sacred Blood That He incarnated from The Goddess Mother Virgin Mary as Sacrifice for Our Communion with God Igziabher, and where the Sacramental Blessings of the Holy Spirit are bestowed upon and communicated to all Covenantal Children of Ethiopia.

We believe in One Baptism that We received from The Son God Jesus Christ by The Holy Spirit and Fire for the Remission of sins.

We believe in the Resurrection of the dead and the Life in Eternity, world without end.  Amen.