Is ‘Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services’ doctrine different from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?

There is complete unanimity in the essence and fundamental nature of our doctrine that is nationally termed in Ethiopic as "Tewah'do". On our part, we believe that this doctrine, based on and originated from the prehistoric religious faith of Adam and Eve, is the ripe sweet fruit of the Holy Covenant that developed, to the eschatological stage of the Prophecies and the Law of the Old Testament and finally to that of Christianity of the New Testament.

However, we have differences in the naming, identity and substance of this doctrine. This truth is explicitly stated in the Prayer of our Creed and the Testimonial to our Holy Covenant, as well as in the Glorification of Our Lord and in the Exaltation of Our Holy Mother, all of which are posted on our web site for easy reference.

According to our belief, the Church is One and only One; and It is called The Church of Ethiopia. There cannot be any Church in Ethiopia, other than The Church of Ethiopia. This Church of ours was established by God Himself in the beginning of time with Creation and in the hearts of Adam and Eve, finally to come to consummation by the incarnation of

Our Lord Jesus Christ in the womb of The Virgin Mary, to be consolidated successively by His Crucifixion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension, and ultimately to be crowned by the Overwhelming and Transcendent Decent of The Holy Spirit upon and into the World.

The one that is called as the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, identifies itself, not as an Ethiopian, but as an Egyptian or Coptic Church, because of its preference to use the designation of "Orthodox", implying that it is not an Ethiopian Church, but a Coptic, or Egyptian Church, who claim to be the pioneers to Christianise Ethiopians and the founders of the Ethiopian Church in the 4th century, thus deliberately and maliciously distorting the Divine Truth that the Ethiopian Church preceded all the rest of the ecumenical churches, including the Egyptian one by more than 4000 years.

This detrimental attempt of the Egyptians could be paralleled with the works of other foreign churches who came lately and operate in Ethiopia , like the Catholic Church in Ethiopia, the Evangelical Church in Ethiopia , etc. and who purposefully and illegally call themselves as the Ethiopian Catholic Church, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church , etc.