Is ‘Ge'ez’ the original language of humanity?

Yes. Ge'ez is the first and original language that is referred to in Genesis 11/1 as "Now the whole earth had one language and one speech." This Divine Truth is authenticated by the following simple and unique characteristics of Ge'ez:

1. The inherent, literal and dual meaning of the word Ge'ez is "The First" and "The Free".

2. Each of the alphabets of Ge'ez constitutes and is identified by seven characters and phonetics, based on the Divine Number of Seven.
3. The first character of the alphabet of Ge'ez, as the basis and the key for the rest of the six characters, being itself non-phonetic, i.e., without vowel or soundless like a consonant, is designated as "Ge'ez", i.e., "The first".

4. The first character of the alphabet of Ge'ez "A" was used by the Biblical God for the first time into the making of the word that related to the specific name, "Adam", the name constituting both the first male and female human beings created in the Image of the Divine Creator.

5. While all the other languages and alphabets of the humans derive their designations from the names of the peoples who speak and write them, Ge'ez is the only language that is called by its own name that relates its unique status and nature.

6. There is a universal and conventional knowledge about the initial words that virtually all babies that are born of the human beings to inhabit the face of the Earth, whatever the language spoken and the alphabet written of the family and community to which they belong and in which they are reared, utter, right at their early infancy. It is invariably: "Ab Ab Ab", in short "Ababa!", which literally means in Ge'ez, "Father Father Father" meant to address the biological male parent, and "Im Im Im", in short "Im'ma!" which literally means in Ge'ez, "Mother Mother Mother" meant to address the biological female parent.

7. Ge'ez opens its alphabet by the first character "A", called "Aleph" in Ge'ez and closes with the "Last" character "O", called the "Seventh", both referred to as "Alpha" and "Omega" by the then contemporary Greek vernacular. When the Creator, known to and addressed by Ethiopians in their Ge'ez terminology as "Igziab'her", became Incarnate, born of the Holy Virgin Mary and revealed Himself to the world as Lord Jesus Christ, He affirmed the Divinity, Seniority and Originality of Ge'ez by assigning to Himself the same characters and nature of the Ge'ez Alphabets with His Apocalyptic Words that says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last." This Divine Verification of the identity of the Language of Ge'ez demonstrates the Divine Truth that Ge'ez has been, not only the Divine Language God used to communicate with Adam and Eve, but also remains the Sacred Language by which He conveyed His Messages to humanity and His Faithful Ethiopians continue to worship Him. (Rev. 22/13)

8. It is worth noting here that the above specifics are substantiated by series of archeological and paleontological discoveries in modern times.