Do you have a weekly or monthly teaching program? Where do we go to learn about the “Ethiopia and Ethiopianhood?”

At present, we do not have a weekly or monthly teaching program. Our current contact with the individual and the public is maintained through the Holy Spirit. We believe that this is the healthiest and most effective means of communication. As such, our contact is conducted not by way of the human, but by that of the Divine. As our Service is entirely based on Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, this is a prerequisite of our entity of and commitment to Ethiopianness. We are, therefore, limited in the scope of the media to our publications and books as well as to our web site, for the time being.

However, we let everyone know of any future arrangement or program we may have concerning teaching or educational meetings, sessions or events. Until then, please continue to visit our web site wherein are posted our current messages, publications and books; and by resorting to these materials, you will be more knowledgeable about Ethiopia and Ethiopianhood.