Email Received From Zakim Ab'reham and Our Response .

Email Received From Zakim Ab'reham.

Blessed is Ethiopia:  The Kingdom of God!
    Greetings N'bure-Id Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus,  In the Names of Our King and Queen; Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, and all company of the heavenly Kingdom of God, I wish you peaceful tidings.  I am writing you about the Holy Baptism.  Recently, I went to pray at a Tewahedo Church in Denver, Debre Selam Medhanealem.  I wanted to receive the Kidus Qurban but I was informed that I must be baptized into the religion.  This advise was given to me by the priest, humble servant and brother within the New Covenant, because he reasoned that my baptism in the Catholic Church of Rome is not recognized as a proper baptism.  All this has stemmed from the theological debates that occurred during Councils at Nicaea.  As a result, we chant the Creed that states that we believe in one Holy Baptism.  Is it true that the Tewahedo baptism makes the Catholic baptism void due to the conflict about Our Lord, the Second Person of the Triune God?  I am willing to be baptized in the Tewahedo because I can't keep going to Qedasse and not stand up and thankfully accept Kidus Qurban after my incessant repentance.  It is not good.  I am a sinner and I am deserving of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Qedasse should not be like spectator event.  We should be willing to take the Sacrament and try our best to continue serving God in Truth.  I will look forward to your gracious counsel.  I am willing to cut my locks and do the Baptism and not give up the struggle that I face in this world.  If the baptism from the Catholic Church of Rome is accepted then should I go to that church and pray? They would allow me to take the Kidus Qurban.  Well, I look forward to hearing from you about the implications that I would face should I proceed with the Tewahado baptism. Thank you for your help.  Truth and Spirit in the New Covenant.  Egziabhar Ymesgen!

Kidanawi Zakim

Our Response To the Email from Covenantal (Kidanawi) Zakim. 

Dear Kidanawi Zakim:

    Thank you for your email. And greetings in The Name of Ethiopia!
    I am surprised to read your relapsed remarks on the issues of Baptism and The Holy Communion, and even of your locks about all of which you and I had discussed exhaustively from the perspective of the Faith and Precepts of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God whose Covenantal Children, Priests and Royals we are Divinely priviledged to be. And I thought you, as a Kidanawi, were already knowledgeable and enlightened about all these factors.
    Let me tell you now once again, that as such, my Fellow Kidanawyans (the males) and Kidanawyats (the females)  have nothing to do with Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church which is a branch of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church in Ethiopia, and/or with the Catholic Church as well as with regard to their respective religious practices that include Baptism, The Holy Communion and even with your locks which is stricty your private matter, except, of course, our pre-occupation of exposing occasionally their misdeeds and perversions of The Divine Truth and of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God.
    It is upto you to make your own personal decision to accept and believe, follow and abide by their biddings to that effect which you already envisaged.
    I am wondering what you are doing there amongst them in the first place and involve yourself in their overt and covert predicaments as a Kidanawi, except, I presume, simply wanting to attend their services at your own free will and discretion, in spite of their refusal to accept you per se and allow you to partake The Holy Communion.
    As far as we, True Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant, are concerned, Baptism and for that matter The Eucharist (The Holy Communion) and the rest of the Sacraments are all The Domains of The Divine and are solely conducted by the Holy Spirit Himself on every human being, male or female, in The Worship of The Divine Truth and The Holy Spirit.
    With respect to Baptism in particular, The Same is executed and consummated, once and for all, not with water, as John the Baptist testified pertaining to his exercise, but with The Holy Spirit and Fire, at the time of conception of the seed of the father in the womb of the mother. (Matt. 3/11.)
    The Ethiopian confirms This Grace of God bestowed upon him or her then, at the latter age by his or her personal profession of faith at his or her adolescence. (Mark 16/16.)

Yours in The Service of The Holy Covenant,
Nibure-Id Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus