Email From Zerfu Melaku containing an inquisitive letter pertaining to the predestination of the created universe in general and the human beings in particular.

Email From Zerfu Melaku

"God has foreknowledge of man's destiny, but he does not predestine man."

Dear all,

I'm sure that we all agree on the above quote. In other words "All but atheists agree on the above cited quote."

So, if that is the case and/or the fact, where do our service of helping people to know about Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, lie.

Yours in the Holy Covenant,

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Dear Kidanawi Zerfu!

Ethiopian Greetings in The Names of Our Heavenly Parents and Family.

Thank you for your email along with its significant quoted citation.
Let me try to cope with your inquisitive challenge:-

Firstly, yes, the quotation that states: "God has foreknowledge of man's destiny, but He does not predestine man!" is a unique Divine Truth that derived from the Fundamental Precepts of Ethiopia: The kingdom of God.

Why the need for the quotation? Here is the simple explanation:
It is because He [God] deliberately and inherently, and once and for 
all, bestowed upon him [man], His Own [God's] DIVINE:-
1. KNOWLEDGE of The Good and The Evil, i.e., all that is of God and of Satan, of The Truth and of The lie, of Life and of Death;
2. FREEDOM to make by himself The Choice between The Good and The Evil, etc., and,
3. AUTHORITY AND POWER to act unrestricted upon his WILL aforementioned accordingly.

Man attained such unsurpassed and unprecedented status as a created Divine physical and spiritual Being, for the reason that "So, God created man in His own image, in The Image of God created He him; male and female created He them!" and the Lord God said, "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil." (Gen. 1, 27 & 3, 22.)

Crowned and empowered with these Divine Prerogatives, Man [the male and the female] as such, is, therefore, the ONE, who elects and decides upon the kind of DESTINY that he/she would want to follow and live upto, of his/her own accord and by his/her own conviction alone, and NOT of and by God at all, i.e., without even the intervention and infringement of The Divine Will whatsoever.

However, HE [God], as The Creator and The Benefactor of Man, presages, i.e., knows well beforehand what the latter, i.e., such Creature of Him [Man] thinks and intends, utters and does, to the extent of which would be his/her preference between, for example, the good and the evil.

Secondly, with regard to your question that pertains to our vocation of service to Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, here is the answer as to why we, as Her Children, Proprietors and Servants [Priests], ought to strive in our dedication to deliver the ETERNAL MESSAGE of the The Divine Truth of The Ethiopian Holy Covenant of God to humanity at large, and to the so-called Ethiopian generation in particular, individually as well as collectively.

This is simply has to be undertaken on our part as a sacred commitment because, on the one hand, either we do our best to help that person discern and enable him/her to make the Choice of SAVING oneself from being lost, so that he/she would rather live eternally in the complete entity of the soul, body and spirit, as an Ethiopian of The Holy Covenant, i.e., AS GOD; or, on the other hand, to Help that same person recognize that he/she is otherwise in the process of condemning oneself with the deliberate intention to perish in the domain of the infinite DEATH, which is again ones individual act of preference, and NOT that of God's.

And so, in view of the consummate bestowal of the Graces of God upon Man of the DIVINE KNOWLEDGE of The Good and The Evil, as well as of the DIVINE FREEDOM to make ones own Choice between The Good and The Evil, etc., and, finally of the unrestricted DIVINE AUTHORITY AND POWER to act upon ones human WILL accordingly, your inquiring statement that reads: 
"So, if that is the case and/or the fact, where does our service of 
helping people to know about Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, lie?" could only, on the contrary, be rendered perfectly plausible and positively justifiable, under the premises of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, as outlined in the foregoing synopsis.

As a result, we, the Covenantal Children and Servants of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, cannot only confidently say, but also exert that, in our devotion to serve our proclaimed Holy Cause, we are contributing to the incessant work of the Holy Spirit in Its ever extended helping hand to save to the end human lives from the final perdition.

Your Brother and Colleague in The Service of The Holy Covenant, Kidanawi Ermias [N'bure-Id of Axum-Tsyon]