How will I be able to participate in your Services?

At present, this is the service that Our God The Holy Spirit and Our Holy Mother Country Ethiopia expect from each one of us to render to their Kingdom, as well as our compatriots require of us. It is to bring ourselves first to the awareness and recognition of our Ethiopian Identity of the Holy Covenant, then to its attainment, and finally to serve Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God. Until there comes further call and notice for each one of us from The Holy Spirit what to do next, this is what we need to do. Stay where we are by retaining whatever we had accomplished so far with regard to our Ethiopianness of the Holy Covenant. Fortify our religious and spiritual accomplishments by continuous prayers and fasting, readings and meditations.

Maintain our Ethiopian Faith of the Holy Covenant by fulfilling our commitments in deeds, and by disseminating to others, members of our families, relatives, neighbors, friends and co-workers, the Divine Knowledge that we had acquired for yourself, as well as by urging them to read our books and to visit our web site.

We rejoice to let you know that there will come The Day when The Kingdom of God literally and physically reveals Itself to the whole world. That is the TIME when Our God of The Holy Covenant Jesus Christ Our Priestly-King and His Holy Queen Mother The Virgin Mary bring us all together to live The Eternal Divine Life even now in this world and to enable us to serve collectively The Divine Purpose of The Holy Covenant that Ethiopia and Ethiopians stand for from the beginning of time to date.

Until then, we have to wait for THAT DAY by leading the THE KIND OF LIFE that True Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant ought to live wherever they reside individually or as a family or as a society engaged in any kind of work that is inherently and vocationally assigned to each one of them by the Gift of God.