Letter Received from Kidanawi Msgana and Our Response to his Letter.

Letter from Msgana:-

Dear N'bure Id Ermias, Ethiopian Greetings!
    I have one Question! It is about the Holy Cross, priest!?
What realy is Cross? I mean mainly Son of God Father & God Mother Jesus Christ's Cross? What exactly Is That? How should we understand It and rely on Its Power? Is It only the power of the tangible Cross sign of the artifact material or substance?
It's just b/c I can not pint up my non stop intrinsic inquiry about It this long.

    Igzer YsT'll'gn!

In God Father & God Mother love,
Response to Msgana:-
Dear Kidanawi Msgana:
    Covenantal Greetings in The Names of The Holy Trinity personified by The Virgin Mary, Mother of God!
Thank you for your question pertaining to the Holy Cross whose concise answer is as follows:-
    We, Kidanawyats and Kidanawyans in Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, harken only to and are guided by the Divine Words that Our Creator God and Priestly King, Master and Teacher Jesus The Messiah speaks to us.
    One of those Words prescribe that we individually and collectively worship God ONLY in The Divine Truth and The Holy Spirit. (Jn. 4/23-24).
    We heed to those Words in compliance with the verbal caring guidance of our Holy Mother The Virgin Mary which says "Whatever My Son says to you, do it!" (Jn. 2/5.)
    Hence, with regard to The Holy Cross or other sacred symbols, they all aught to be utilized only in accordance with The Faith of our Worship of God in The Divine Truth and The Holy Spirit. This means that any use of sacred objects, including The Holy Cross, as symbols of worship other than in line with the belief stated above, would become immaterial.
    What matters most in looking at and using the Holy Cross is the spiritual aspect of The Messiah's Crucifiction and the unseen Divine Truth. When we see the physical symbol of The Cross or when we make the sign of The Cross, we merely visualize Jesus The Messiah, His own Body signifying The Holy Cross Itself, as being triumphantly crucified on the wooden cross for our eternal salvation. 
    As The Divine Truth and The Holy Spirit characterize The unseen worshiping of The Invisible God, Who is Himself The Truth and The Spirit, so also worshiping The Holy Cross on which Jesus The Messiah was crucified simply embody the Invisible Entity transformed into The Visible Sacred Object.
    The Divine Truth emphasizes the Spiritual Significance of The Holy Cross as being the Crucified Body of Jesus The Messiah Himself and not the wooden panels over which He was crucified.  Not only does The Divine Truth emphasizes this fact, but It also underscores the reality that the living Covenantal body of each one of us Kidanawyans and Kidanawyats with both hands horizontally stretched out is itself the Holy Cross, The Embodiment of Jesus The Messiah and The Sanctuary of The Holy Spirit.
    And, for that matter, this reality applies also to the rest of the Sacred Symbols such as The Matrimony of Adam and Eve, The Rainbow of Noah, The Bread and The Wine of Melchizedeq, The Circumcision of Abraham, The Ark of The Covenant of Moses, The Throne of David, The Baptismal Water and The Eucharist. 
    Consequently and under the cicumstances, The Holy Cross and all the other sacred objects are in no way considered prerequisites nor are they rendered indispensable and as integral parts for our worship of God in The Divine Truth and The Holy Spirit, but only as ancillaries.
Your Brother in The Service of The Holy Covenant,
Kidanawi Ermias