Please explain "why Mary and, of course, Jesus Himself, were Ethiopians"

1. The Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is none other than the Prophetic "Ethiopia" that "Stretches out Her Hands to God!" As such, She and Her Begotten Incarnate Son Jesus Himself are Ethiopians for ever. As a result and following suit, any human being who remains faithful to the Holy Covenant, is identified and referred to as an Ethiopian. According to Scriptures and the Ethiopian Tradition, the designation of "Ethiopia", from the time of Adam and Eve to this day, represents "the Children of God" characterized by righteousness, in contrast to "the Children of Men" typified by wickedness. (Genesis 6: 1-8)

2. As the first Adam and Eve were created in the present Ethiopia, specifically in and around Lake Tana, from where Noah's Ark, after "The waters of the flood was on the earth for forty days, increased and lifted it up, and it rose high above the earth", so also are the Second and the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, and the Second and the Last Eve, The Virgin Mary, unequivocally from Ethiopia. (Gen. 7/17)

3. The emergence of the Ethiopian Melchizedeq, who was the forerunner and image of Jesus Christ;

4. The advent of Moses from Egypt to Ethiopia in the likeness of Jesus Christ, and his Ethiopianization that resulted from his education and orientation in the knowledge and worship of God, his domicile and marriage there to his Ethiopian wife Zippora, a representation of the Virgin Mary, and who bore him two sons, finally to be sent by God to deliver the Children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt;

5. The appearance of Queen Makk'dda (Queen of the South or of Saba), the prototype of The Virgin Mary, and her Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in order to bring about the fruitful completion of the Divine Will for the fulfilment of the Covenants of Moses and David through her meeting with King Solomon, another precursor of Jesus Christ, and from whom she bore Menelik, the forefather of The Virgin Mary;

6. The coming into Ethiopia of the Ark of the Covenant, the predecessor of The Virgin Mary, and Its custody in the hands of Ethiopians.

7. The genealogies of Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospels of Mathew and Luke portray the full characterization of Ethiopianness, i.e., the unified personality of the Ethiopian through the assimilation of the three races of humanity: of Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Last but not least, the living and the strong Ethiopian Tradition corroborates the above details with concrete evidences that affirm the sojourn of the Infant Jesus and His Holy Mother in Their Homeland Ethiopia from the early days of Their Flight to Egypt up until Jesus' twelfth year of age.

The characterization of the Ethiopian Tradition as a living one, as stated above, bears special importance. It underlines the fact that this Heritage of the Holy Covenant is preserved and transmitted not simply by means of the human work of inscriptions on objects of inorganic nature, but exclusively through the Divine medium of the living person of THE ETHIOPIAN.