What is the main objective of the ‘Ethiopian Kingdom of God Service?’

Our objective is solely confined to the preservation and dissemination of our Ethiopian Heritage of the Holy Covenant embodied in Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God that spans the period of 7508 years originating from the time of Adam and Eve to the present.

Our focus on Ethiopia as being a divine entity constituted as The Kingdom of God based on and guided by the indigenous religious faith of the Holy Covenant that was inaugurated by the Covenant of God with Adam and Eve, and developed through the rest of the Covenants that was ultimately consummated by the Covenant of Mercy gained by The Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, a grand and unique struggle for survival that spans a period of almost 7508 years.
The fundamental precept of The Kingdom of God of Ethiopia, under the leadership of the Eternal Priestly Kingship of Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Maternal Queenship of The Holy Virgin Mary, is the unreserved offer and provision of complete Divine assurance of reliable security, full protection and peaceful coexistence for all faiths within Her domains, as evidenced by the asylums granted to the Pagans, Jews, Christians and Muslims all across the ages, and the ensuing flourishing lives enjoyed by the same.