Where are the sources for ‘Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services’ teaching?

The Divine Truth about Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinnet is inscribed by God Himself in the hearts and minds of Living True Ethiopians, and is manifest in the lives of the same, as well as in the Living Testimony of the Nation called Ethiopia.

As such, the Knowledge that constitutes Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinnet is an inherent one that emanated from God Himself and enshrined within the individual Ethiopian entity. The source and the resources of this Divine Knowledge are, therefore, God Himself. And, It (the Knowledge) can only be attained by adhering to the Faith and Deed of the Holy Covenant of God that Ethiopians maintained for 7,508 years, and to this day. Other than that, for physical evidences, one could resort to the authentic texts of Scriptures (Holy Bible) and to the various and multiple Ge'ez manuscripts whose contents remain compatible with the Divine Knowledge enshrined in the True Ethiopian nature.

We, in Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, do not and never rely upon human historical tales and findings, relics and theories, as our sources and resources of the Divine Truth about Ethiopia and Ethiopianness, but solely on our Ethiopian Faith of the Holy Covenant. This is because of the fact that those human items aforementioned unfailingly tend to be vulnerable to any and every kind of deficiency, fabrication or perversion.

All the books and literatures that are published, distributed and posted in our web site are therefore; written according to the Prophetic Words of God that were ultimately fulfilled by Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father and the Son of the Human Mother, The Virgin Mary. There is no need for other publications authored by worldly human beings to be used as references. If there is a need for reference, the Bible will suffice. Even there, if any discrepancy arises, what is inscribed by the Holy Spirit on the tablet of the human heart will prevail over and above what is written in the Bible by the hands of humans, according to the Word of God quoted above.