Where do we get the spiritual service considering the current predicament faced by the clergy and the laity of the Ethiopian "Orthodox" Church? Is it worthless to attend the mass since there are two disagreeing synods?

It is for each one of us, Ethiopians: To be faithful to our Ethiopianness of the Holy Covenant. That is the only way to overcome such spiritual dilemma that presently engulfed the whole leadership and membership of the Ethiopian Church. Such status provides the individual Ethiopian, the Divine Privileges of becoming himself the Living Ts'llat-Tabot, Altar, Sancuary and Church where the Holy Spirit dwells, thus rendering the physical presence and need of all those sacred objects, materials and edifices unnecessary.

God, according to His Word, will be within us. In the current situation, we do not need to go to Church to pray, and to receive clerical services, like Penitence, Baptism, Holy Communion, etc., as we are accustomed to do. We ourself become the Church where the Holy Spirit conducts, for us and within us, all these services, as long as we remain true and faithful to our Faith of the Holy Covenant.

This Faith is prescribed in the Ethiopian Prayers of the Creed, of the Testimony, of the Glorification of the Lord and of the Exaltation of the Virgin Mary. These Prayers are all posted in our web site, in the "Faith" or "Haimanot" Section. Under such circumstances, Jesus Christ Himself will conducted, through the Holy Spirit, all the clerical services, including that of the N'ss'ha for us; He will be our personal Confessor. Thus, He rendered all man-made rules and burdens, complications and intricacies that were proved to be unbearable and ineffective by humans themselves, as simple as that, for each one of us. This has been the Greatest Fulfilment of the human hope and aspiration brought about by God Himself, through Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

What else would we like God to do for us? This Divine course of action will remain in effect until the current crisis is resolved and/or the legitimate system of government of the Kingdom of God is restored in Ethiopia, as a result of the Repentance and Will of the People of the Holy Covenant. We do not need to wait for or expect any kind of "Hope". That "Hope" is already fulfilled and granted to all who really wanted to receive it. It is only up to us to make use of it, that is, to live it in full, mentally, physically and spiritually.