Where is the land of Elda, and what does this word mean?

In Scriptures of G'iz Manuscripts, "Paradise" and "The Garden of Eden" pertain to the same word of "Gennet" with reference to "Edom" and "Elda". These are all designations of the same place "Ethiopia", where Adam and Eve were created and lived. In all cases of the various names of the place aforementioned, the characteristic feature that predominated the phenomenon was the sudden and complete change of the situation of the status of the latter, namely, the downfall of Adam and Eve from the blissful life of Divinity to the miserable fate of humanity. This condition was brought about by the betrayal of the Word of God committed by the latter resulting in the withdrawal of the Divine Grace that previously clothed their person and pervaded their abode with sublime serenity.

It is not uncommon for a particular place to be called with various analogous names; for example, the same name and location of Ethiopia was known in Biblical and ancient times as Midiam, Nubia, Axum, Kush, Sheba, Habesha (Abyssinia).