Who is Nibure-Id Erimias Kebede Wolde-Yesus?

•I am an Ethiopian, Son, Servant and Messenger of “Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God” with the following biographical sketch:

•Name and Title: Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus, Nibure-Id (of Aksum Zion). [See "Ethiopia: The Classic Case" pp. 72-78 for the explanation of the title.]

•Born: on Hamle 3, 1928 ( Ethiopian Calendar; by the Gregorian, July 10, 1936) in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

•Educated and ordained: by the Grace of God, in Ethiopia.

•Married: Rahel Abraham Zekarias in Hamle 22, 1948 (July 29, 1956) and is blessed with three sons and five daughters named: Tnbeete, Temnaite (deceased in infancy), Melikte, Tmhirte, Sbkete, Haimanote, Semaete and Sbhate.

•Served: as Parish Deacon, Priest and Head; as secretary and executive in various departments of the Houses of the Priesthood and the Government of Ethiopia; and as Administrator of Menelik II Foundation.

•Elected: by the People of the Holy Covenant, from the Addis Abeba Constituency, as member of the City Council and of the Chamber of Deputies in the House of the People (Ethiopian Parliament); and by both the Chamber and the Senate, as President of the Ethiopian Parliament in the Interparliamentary Union whose headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland.

•Appointed: by Atsie Haile Sellassie the First, under the recommendations of the Itchege, i.e., R'ise-Liqane-Kah'nat (Patriarch) of the House of the Priesthood, the Tsehafe-T’izaz, i.e., Teqlay M'luk (Prime Minister) of the House of the Government and the Bitwoded, i.e., Liqe-Hizb (President) of the House of the People (Parliament), to the positions of:

   1.Nibure-Id of Aksum Zion, constituting the Three Houses of Ethiopia: The Kingdom  of God;

   2.YeBete K’h’net Teqlay S'ra-Askiyahaj (Chief Executive Officer of the House of the Priesthood);
   3.Hig Wossagn (Senator) in the House of the People.

•Visited: some African, Middle-eastern, Asian, European, North and South American countries, including, officially, England, Germany, Israel, U.S.A., and the former U.S.S.R.

•Attended: several local, national, ecumenical and international conferences.

•Participated: in numerous social, religious, academic and philanthropic organizations in Ethiopia; and, writing being my secondary vocation, served as founder and the first secretary of the Ethiopian Literary Society.

•Detained: in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, by the revolutionary Communist military junta in 1974 and remained incarcerated until 1981.

•Self-exiled: to the United States of America in 1987 after my release from detention and a period of respite under government surveillance. Ever since: under the banner of “Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services”, I am preoccupied with the preservation and dissemination of the concepts of the Ethiopian Heritage: by participating in translation works and projects pertaining to Biblical Ethiopia; by conducting prayer services and educational meetings; and, by writing, publishing, lecturing, and traveling.