Why ‘Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services’ always refrain from anything ‘Coptic’ and ‘Orthodox’?

We, Ethiopians need not and should not use the designation "Orthodox" or “Coptic”, to explain our "identity", because both are foreign words and entails a bad connotation. If we really need to use a word in order to identify who we are, our own designation of "TEWAH'DO" would suffice.

We Ethiopians are older and greater than orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is something that appeared lately around the Mediterranean lands in the 4th century after the Birth of Christ, and brought into Ethiopia by the Egyptians at that time. We are The Ethiopian People, The Church and The Kingdom of God of the Holy Covenant with an age of 7508 years that spans from the time of Adam and Eve to this Day.

Therefore, we are not the so-called present hierarchy of the clergy that identifies itself as "Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church" which is actually and historically a branch of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church in Ethiopia, collaborated with the atheist (communist or socialist) military junta called "Derg".

We are Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God that integrates the Three Houses of the People (the main body), and of the Administration (the Branch serving the Physical Need of the People = the Government) and of the Priesthood (the Branch serving the Spiritual Need of the People = the Church) that adhere to the tewahdo faith of the holy covenant and whose age spans for a period of 7508 years.

But it is not the so-called Ethiopian Orthodox Tewah'do Church that finally and openly violated and defiled the Holy Covenant by collaborating with the atheist (communist or socialist) military junta called "Derg". And it is not the present hierarchical one that maintains the status quo with the current regime. Also, it is not the one that recognizes itself to be a branch of the Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox) Church in Ethiopia.