Why do we need Christian name?

During Christening Ceremony, a Christian Name is given to the infant or to the person to be baptized who is instantly declared that the latter, as full-fledged Child of God, becomes an Amhara (meaning "Liberated Person among the Free Society Under God"), or a Christian and/or an Ethiopian. Such name could be suggested by parents or by the God Parents of the latter, or by the officiating priest.

It is well known that the ordinary or normal name, referred to as "Worldly Name" signifies the birth in the flesh from the human parents, the father and mother. The same applies in the case of the "Christian Name", but viewed from the spiritual aspect. Referred to as such, the Christian Name signifies "the Birth in the Holy Spirit from the Divine Parents, this time the Holy Father being God and the Holy Mother being The Virgin Mary.

This is the Name, i.e., the Christian Name, that remains everlasting as it is given to commemorate and immortalize the consecration of the whole person of that baptized individual whose Second Birth that was accomplished through the Holy Spirit proves to be Divine and Eternal.